Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Wuzor recorded a decent chunk of music during their short existence, and it was consistently good. Dave and I were trading records at the time, so I acquired all of their records as they were released. The last package I got from him had a CDR of his new band, Funeral Shock, and a letter saying Wuzor had disbanded. We lost contact after that, but those records were in heavy rotation at my house for a couple of years. I forgot all about Wuzor until I listened to all of my CDs last year and found a disc with some unreleased tracks on it. Listening to it inspired me to get in contact with Dave to see about releasing it, but I only knew him as "Dave". Even today, I still don't know his last name. Googling combinations of Dave + Wuzor + Wolfman Records + Funeral Shock turned up nothing. A month prior to this I refused a friend request from Dave on Facebook because I didn't recognize the name. Eventually, he sent me a message and everything fell into place. It's funny how these things come together sometimes.

Wuzor's music is many things at once and reflects what I can only assume were their influences at the time. It's as sludgy as Sloth (but less stupid), as epic as Neurosis (without the pretense), as heavy as Floor (minus the pop tendencies), and rocks as hard as the Melvins (without the comedy hairstyles). Because all of this stuff was recorded at the same studio, it plays like the full-length album they never recorded. 

 Download it HERE.


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