Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Mortville Compilation In Progress, Accepting Submissions

I'm looking to do a compilation of material recorded entirely on cellular phones.30 seconds or less of audio, any style/genre and it has to be recorded using the "Voice Recorder" feature on your cell phone. Other than trimming, there is to be no manipulating the sound once it's off of your phone. What you record is what you submit. 30 minutes is probably too long for this kind of a thing, so let's set the cut-off at 50 submissions. There are no deadlines or saved slots. I'll stop taking submissions once I get 50. Send wav file and 12cm square graphic to be embedded in the file to: mortvillenoise at gmail dot com. I'm accepting anything, so even if you have no prior experience with a recording project and want to submit found sound, etc, that's okay.

There won’t be a physical release, just something I release as a free download on my Bandcamp page. You guys in bands should get in on this. It'll be really stupid once it's finished.

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