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My Two Cents: Box of Skinnies, Pt. 4


Continuing adventures through the box of CDs I rarely listen to because of their odd packaging. I typed these up months ago, but was too lazy to post them until now. I don't consider myself to be a writer or an expert on anything. These synopsizes are a product of too much time on my hands at work and nothing else to do. I contradict myself often and find myself typing the same things over and over again. 

ANAL CUNT - "Morbid Florist" CD (My first exposure to Anal Cunt and still my favorite A.C. release ever. This would have been my first exposure to noisecore, but I had already been listening to Sore Throat for years without knowing what the hell genre they were playing. My little brother made a video diary of my old band Gristle while we were recording our first demo in my basement and during one of the breaks. I had this cranked on the stereo, talking excitedly about how great it was. This was 1994, I guess. "Morbid Florist" was life-changing for me, and it's the whole reason Captain Three Leg formed. Thanks to Sore Throat I had already been recording 2-3 second long noise songs with my own bands, but Anal Cunt was the primary inspiration for C3L in the beginning. Our ratio of noise to structure on our earliest recordings matched this CD pretty closely. "Morbid Florist" is the perfect marriage of savage noisecore and structure and the recording is clean without being too produced. Seth's vocals were at his peak on this CD, both with his lows and his ear-piercing highs. It was all downhill from here, in my opinion. I love all of the releases from here on out, but none of them touch this. Not even close.)

ANTI-CIMEX - "Anarkist Attak" 7"
SHITLICKERS - "1982" PD12"
HEIST - s/t 7"
HEIST - "Pain is Causing Life" 7"
ARSEDESTROYER - "Teen Ass Revolt" LP
(Another CDR of stuff I transferred from vinyl. The Anti-Cimex record is a bootleg of their demo. Good stuff, but they got way better on their next two releases. Shitlickers are one of my favorite D-beat bands. I was pretty excited to hear the recordings in the B-side, but they ended up being a bit disappointing. Still really noisy, though. Heist were amazing. Everything they recorded was great, even their goofy CD they released at the end of their existence. As a young-un' I favored their first 7" over the second, but I've flipped since. This Arsedestroyer LP is one of the greatest albums ever. I can't tell you how many times I've listened to that thing.)

ASS - "Bye Cactus and Heads" CDR (I just did a big trade with 100% Zero and took the opportunity to snag a bunch of single copy things for my own collection being that I'm not looking for distro stock anymore. Ass is Poopy Necroponde and Matt from 100% Zero doing some nice bass and drums noisecore. It's not particularly "brutal" sounding or fast, but it's entertaining. They both share vocals, often sounding like Minch. It's funny to hear such a clean, great recording for music this stupid, but it really does sound fantastic. The second half was recorded live and suits this style of noise better, in my opinion. The bass has been switched out for a guitar tuned so low it enters Anal Massaker territory. Come to think of it, if this had different vocals on it, you could easily fool someone into thinking it wan an Anal Massaker release. This live stuff rules.)

ASS - "Hello Grecian Postherd" CDR (Sounds like a 4 track recording this time around. That wonderful de-tuned guitar is here again and the vocals are more frequent than on the above disc. With a little more structure these guys could be one of my favorite bands. Some of the slower, longer songs drag on longer than I would prefer, but this is mostly really good.)

AWESOME COLOR - s/t CD* (I got this from my friend Travis. If I remember correctly, he saw them open for Dinosaur Jr. and liked them enough to buy a disc. I don't think I've listened to this before today and I was fully expecting to hate this because Travis' musical tastes rarely overlap mine, but this is pretty good. They have a nice, minimal rock thing going on not unlike those old Stooges albums. The guitars have a nice fuzz to them and the riffs are simple and clean. The vocalist was kind of irritating at first, but he quickly grew on me. It's too bad there isn't saxophone on the whole album like there is on "Hat Energy". That was the highlight of this disc for me, though the last song and it's 8 minutes of minimal retardation was nice, too. I could see myself listening to this more than once.)

BUCKSHOT FACELIFT - "Demo" CDR (I have a copy of this in a jewel case, too, and recently I obtained a copy of this demo on 7" that was released by a label in Florida. I didn't pay for any of them, it's weird that I would have it three times. This is pretty good. It's almost HC or powerviolence, but it's way heavier than that. It's not quite metallic enough to be considered grindcore, but the vocals are fucking vicious and extreme. There's some discordant stuff going on in a few of the songs, too. The recording is appropriate for this kind of stuff and noisy enough to accent everything in the right ways. A solid demo, yes, but I don't think they recorded anything after this. Too bad.)

CACASONICA / KRIMINALISTIKA - split CDR (This sounds like a rehearsal recording, but it's fairly good sounding. It just lacks the punch of their other recordings. A couple of the guys in Cacasonica are also in Colico and this recording sounds like most of Colico's do. Cacasonica are great, the perfect mix of hardcore and noisecore. They're probably my favorite band from that Ecuador scene. The guitarist of Cacasonica is also in Kriminalistika, who aren't so great on this release. Drum machine grindcore with direct-sounding guitars and gore vocals. I don't remember them sounding like this on the other releases I have.)

CAPTAIN THREE LEG / DISTANT TRAINS - split 3" CDR (While sifting through C3L master tapes, I found a bunch of songs we recorded for our split tape with Homogenized Terrestrials that were never released. We recorded a bunch of harsh noise stuff and only ended up using about half of it, so I asked my friend Charles if he wanted to do a split with them since they wouldn't fit in with any of our other leftover songs. Some of these leftover songs aren't terrible, but a couple of them are one-dimensional and boring. Distant Trains give us two tracks. The first is sort of a digital HC song with a nice trumpet break and a droney part towards the end. The second is a longer sound collage with a repeating sample from Emil of Cock ESP. It's a forced pairing for a split, but it works okay. We made 50 copies of this thing, still a bunch left. You should buy one so Charles doesn't regret releasing it through his label.)

CAULIFLOWER ASS & BOB - "Ruinin' Yore Songs" CDR (Usually one of my favorite WCFOM projects, but this CD of cover songs doesn't come close to touching the greatness of their original songs. That miserable, sloppy, sad-stack style only works when it's applied to songs about desperation and drunkenness, not cover versions of punk rock songs. I don't listen to this one very often.)

CAULIFLOWER ASS & BOB - "Songs in the Key of Drunk" CD (How fitting is it that Menace to Sobriety released this collection of the most drunk and miserable folk music ever? The best bits of CA&B's expansive catalog were chosen for this gem of a release. Normally 78 minutes would be way too long for just about anything, but this is quality entertainment from start to finish. This probably fell on deaf ears when it was released, unappreciated by most everyone, but it's the easiest to digest of the CA&B releases. Lovely hand stamped brown paper bag packaging adorns this thing, as minimal as the music is.)

CEDRIC'S LETTUCE - "Motel Broslin" CDR (I dreaded listening to this thing once I saw how long it was, so I've put it off for a few weeks now. I've run out of things to listen to on my iPod, so I finally listened to it today. It's as painful as I thought it would be. Not bad, just really fucking harsh and super long. I can do about 20 minutes of harsh noise before I've had my fill, so 77 minutes was a real endurance test. There was plenty of variety throughout, but all of it was unrelenting.)

CEDRIC'S LETTUCE / EAT YOUR PETS - split CDR (Drum machine blasts, harsh noise, guitar, stupid keyboard breaks and pissed, screaming vocals. This Cedric's Lettuce stuff would have fit in perfectly on the Stupidity Records catalog back in the 90s. Maybe it's because I've been talking about Billy a lot recently, but this sounds like some of the T.L.L.N. stuff. Not the great shit-talking stuff, but his other noisy efforts. 20 minutes or so in length, much easier to digest than the above CDR. Eat Your Pets is a solo project of Jason from Deep Fried Embryo. They're not too different, actually, just with a drum machine instead of a live drummer. It's total chaos the whole time, 20-30 second chunks of noisecore.)

COLICO / AUDICION IRRITABLE - split CDR (I love Colico, but all of their recordings literally sound the same, like they all could have been done at the same session. Their tracks, or course, are all super short and really stupid with crazy vocals, all around 5 seconds long. I'm really digging this because I haven't listened to them in a while. Audicion Irritable were one of the first noisecore bands I ever heard and they're legends in the South American noise scene. Their tracks on here are great. The vocals are inhuman sounding, guitar barely audible and the drums are doing snare-only blasting most of the time. I'm not familiar enough with them to know if this is exclusive material or not, but most of their stuff would be impossible to find today anyway, so fuck it. Great split!)

COLICO / CACASONICA - "Clitorisario" CDR (This split was inevitable seeing as they share members. Colico tracks are great, like always, but the above description could be dropped in here and it would be fitting. I've said it before, but Cacasonica were one of the best bands in recent years. This stuff is great, really noisy, but with lots of great HC parts that hold everything together. I had a bunch of these for sale at one point and got a lot of feedback from people who loved it.)

COLICO / KUSARI GAMA KILL - split CDR (Fuck it, I'm not writing about Colico again. See above... KGK, from Denmark, are great. It's nice hearing a new approach to noisecore. I assume all of this stuff is constructed on a computer and vocals are added later. There are "riffs", but no guitars. Lots of wacky shit going on at all times and heaping amounts of noise dumped over everything. I don't own a lot of their releases, but I love everything I have. I hope to do something with them soon on Mortville.)

COLICO / MENSO NOISE - split CDR (See above re: Colico. Menso Noise are also from Ecuador. I have a couple of their releases, but couldn't get into any of them. This stuff is really, really sloppy and jokey - cut up with Metallica covers (?). Sounds like it might be a solo project. It's not terrible, but it's also not something I'd chose to listen to willingly.)

CRIMPSHRINE - "The Sound of a New World Being Born" CD* (I have most of this stuff on vinyl, but downloaded this to listen to in my car. As a teenager I loved these guys. I don't like it as much now, but I still enjoy a good chunk of their music. That late 80s Berkley scene was the first real underground music I got into after thrash metal and Crimpshrine were one of the better bands in that scene. I still have all of my old Lookout 7"s I bought as a teenager. As I got older I came to realize their lyrics were pretty stupid, but the drumming and bass playing was always really good. Jeff's vocals are raspy and a strange pairing with this music, but it works somehow. My attention started to drift half way though this, though. 10 minutes at a time? Sure, but 72 minutes is way too long. I may have listened to this 3 or 4 times after burning this CD. I doubt I'll listen to it again anytime soon.)

CROSS, DAVID - "Shut Up You Fucking Baby" CD (My friend Mike sent me a promo copy of this years ago, but I don't think I've listened to it before today. I've never watched Mr. Show because I don't pay for premium channels, I was sick of people telling me how awesome it was all the time and, frankly, I could never get past David Cross' stupid fucking face to give it a chance. So I listened to this today with a closed mind and didn't enjoy it at all. I think I cracked a smile once or twice, but there were no laughs to be had.)

DEEDS OF FLESH - "3 Song Promo 1999" CD (How in the fuck did I acquire this one? Accepting demos and promos is all part of running a label. Most of the time they're terrible, but I try to listen to all of them all the way through. I can't imagine anyone from the band sent me this, and I was never in contact with Unique Leader Records, so my possession of this is a mystery to me. Well, the drumming is really solid on here. It's a bit boring, but precise. The guitars aren't really doing anything interesting and I can't hear the bass guitar at all. The vocals are okay, I guess, most of the time, but the pitch-shifted vocals on the third song are really stupid.)

EAT YOUR PETS / ANAL CAKE - split CDR (E.Y.P. is a solo noisecore project from Jason of Deep Fried Embyro. I think I prefer E.Y.P. over his other band, to be honest. It's the same sort of thing, but shorter and noisier. It does sort of suffer from every track sounding the same, but it's noisecore and 4 minutes long, so who gives a shit. Anal Cake (fuck, what a dumb name) don't sound all that different. The drum machine is more prominent in the mix and the vocals are pitch-shifted, but it's a complete mess just like E.Y.P. is.)

ELECTRO-MUD - "The Lounger" 3" CDR ("The Lounger" is one sprawling, 20 minute piece of Sonic Youth meets Flipper. The first 10 minutes is a tense build-up with noisy guitar solos and a barely audible distorted voice that took me a while to figure out what it was, exactly. It gives way to some noise and heavily treated vocals at the halfway mark that take us to the end. Essentially, Electro-Mud and Ass are the same band as they consist of the same two people. I've never understood why people need to start a different project for a genre change, but Electro-Mud are great. Their CD, split LP and this 3" have all been great. I hope Matt and Poopy record more stuff like this.)

EQUILIBRIUM / MALEVOLENT SNEAKER TOOTH - "Remittance of Pain" CDR (Equilibrium does sort of an instrumental Godflesh type thing, but without the ambient guitar overdubs. It's really minimal, guitar heavy and with lots of emphasis on repetitive, pounding drums. I've written about M.S.T. before and I had a difficult time describing them then. Same here. It's very 90s sounding, sometimes sort of power metal-ish, occasionally doomy. These three songs were really good, though.)

F2RC - "Rapture of the Deep" CDR (I didn't notice the "Fresh Farm Raised Catfish" stamp on the label until this morning when I loaded this on my iPod. No clue if that's what F2RC stands for or not, but it blew my mind seeing it today. This is a short CD with no cover art, just a postage stamp-sized insert with a track listing and contact info inside of a sandwich bag. Not quite noise, but definitely experimental music that sounds like it was all recorded with a drum machine, bass and a guitar with a lot of effects. This is loose and jammy with no real structure, but it doesn't feel directionless. It's all fairly mellow, so I enjoyed listening to it. It's hard to judge this on it's musicianship or skill because neither are showcased here. Just noodling and tinkering around with sounds.)

FUNERARY BOX - "2012 Promo" CDR (Doug and Poopy are back with more primitive, blackened death metal. I've listened to this 4 or 5 times since getting it and it's solid. I played it for my friend Brian on the drive back from seeing Deicide, told him who was involved with the project, and he was taken aback by how "straight" it sounded. The guitars have a nice Swedish death metal tone on these recordings.Occasionally the riffing is a little too black metal sounding for me, but it slips right back into sludgy, chunky Autopsy-like death metal effortlessly. The drumming is tighter than on the other promo I have, too. My only real complaint is that the vocals are a little overbearing, but I suppose that was intentional. There's almost always two vocals tracks at any given moment, sometimes three or more. This is really good other than that.)

KNIGHT, DAN & THE DON BLEW TRIO - "Together Again... Again!" CD (Take whatever I wrote about this group in the last update and apply it here. This one was recorded live, too, but sounds a little hollow compared to the Christmas album they did. The playing is all rock-solid on this. I'd prefer that this was all instrumental, but Dan sings on a couple of songs. His voice is a full baritone and he sings well, but I'm not crazy about vocals over jazz music.)

KNURL / KORYPHAIA - "Triflura / Longomontamus" CD (If I remember correctly, Knurl was a project of the guy behind Weird Vision, Krush and Spasmoparapsychotic Records. I can't remember his name now, but we used to trade in the 90s and chatted a bunch on Yahoo. This is great harsh noise stuff before the "wall" was added to the genre rag and everything became boring. Noisers used to harsh out and still add some variety to their sounds once upon a time. His tracks went by quickly and held my interest throughout. Koryphaia are more ambient sounding with lots of slow, scraping metal sounds. The second track is a long, sizzling piece of electronics. This whole this was great.)

KOLOB TRUST FUND - "Gummo" CDR (Kolob Trust Fund is Matt from Electro-Mud, Ass, 100% Zero Records, etc and Erik Disorder. I think either Food or Poopy might be involved with this, too, but I'm not sure. Matt threw this in with the trade as it was just released. Erik's voice sounds a lot like Food's. I never noticed how close they sounded until today. This was only 30 minutes long, but it was difficult to listen to. I lost interest in it after a couple of songs. The Pink Floyd cover was a lot of fun, though. Sorry guys...)

LETTUCE VULTURES - "There's Nothing Weirder Than Real Life" CDR (Fuck, I have a lot of Lettuce Vultures releases. Luckily, they're all entertaining. The more I hear, the more I appreciate it. These songs are well written and catchy, even if the the playing is sloppy most of the time. Food's lyrics are clever and funny and his lazy vocal delivery fits this sloppy punk perfectly.)

LETTUCE VULTURES - "You Can't Make a Living Off of Punk Rock" CDR (The recording is a lot better on this one and the vocals have that same distorted, distant sound that the Brainbombs have on their recordings. Other than that, it's consistent with the above release. My copy says this is limited to 10 copies with a color cover.)

MAHLER HAZE - "Coming Events Cast Their Shadow Before" CDR (If I remember correctly, these recordings are older than on the disc below. They're just as good, in my opinion. This is mostly droney, but there's lots of texture within. A couple of the tracks have sort of a mid eastern feel, though not sure if that was intentional or not. I'm guessing these things just sort of develop as they may depending on the day. Klaus Schulze + Cosmic Jokers comes to mind while listening to this stuff, and that's a good thing.)

MAHLER HAZE - "Final Vapour" CDR (Man, this CD is fantastic! I've been in it's grip since I started playing it. Nice, lush ambient drone drenched in 1970s kraut influence. The sounds are so fucking clean on here and everything sounds perfect. Lots of buzzing, disturbing bits throughout and passages that remind me of the summer segment from Wendy Carlos' great "Sonic Seasonings" 2LP. The Cluster influence is undeniable, but this isn't a straight-up copy. It's a lot darker, more moody than anything I've heard Cluster do. No clue what he used to create these sounds, but there's some sparse guitar here and there that brings this back down to Earth reminding us that a human is responsible for these extraterrestrial sounds. Totally captivating stuff here, no kidding.)

NIHILIST COMMANDO - "Noisecore Genocide Demo 2006" CDR (Even faster and angrier than the previous demo. The gaps between songs are tightened-up and the recording is more powerful sounding, too. One of the best noisecore bands going, if he's still going, that is. Incredible..)

OFFAL / BOWEL FETUS - split CD (I think Offal are from Brazil, but I can't remember for sure. It's too metal for me, just not my thing at all. Sitting through their songs was worth it to get to the great Bowel Fetus. These songs are a little less "pro" sounding than the other releases I have, but the songs are just as great as they always are. Sounds like a live drummer, too. I know at one point Jayde from Viscera was drumming for Bowel Fetus, but without the cover with me I have no way of knowing if it's him or not. Nice old school death metal riffs paired with doom parts and vocals that sound like a clogged toilet. Great stuff!)

PATISSERIE - "A Preview of Gore Whirlwind Autopsy Holocaust to Come: Special 2007 Tour" CDR (I love all of the Patisserie stuff, but it's so much better with a live drummer. While I was playing with Scat, Patisserie played a show with us in Ottumwa, IA and I was gifted this CD at the show. 4 songs in less than 3 minutes, I need not tell you how brutal this grindcore is. It's easily the best thing I've listened to today.)

PENIS GEYSER - "A Tribute to The Smiths" CDR (26 "songs" in just over a minute. Probably the shortest CD I own, and I own this demo on cassette, too. Penis Geyser are one of the best current noisecore acts, but this is too short to even write about, really.)

PISSED CUNT - CDR (Pavel has been writing me since the 90s. We used to trade tapes of grind demos then, now we trade links occasionally. His love of grindcore hasn't faded any since those days. Pissed Cunt were a really good grindnoise band, similar to what PTAO does, but without the avant garde elements. Just straight-up noisecore blasts that follow short, structured parts. I'm sure more people would be aware of them had they gotten better recordings, but this lo-fi sound isn't off-putting at all. In fact, I'd say it enhances this somewhat. This CDR is a collection of previously released material, including the compilation they gave me for "Where's Your Beard?". 72 minutes was an awful lot of this to sit through, but I made it okay.)

POOPY NECROPONDE - "We're All Going to Tax You" CDR (With every new solo release Poopy does, I'm surprised at how great they are. It's easy to forget how good of a musician he is when so much of his output is silly and cranked out quickly, but when left alone to tinker with his recordings, the results are phenomenal. The first song makes up half of this disc, and it's a creepy, noisy, jazzy song with lyrics reminding us of how fucked we are, basically. The 20 minutes went by quickly and held my interest the entire time. The "Corn Syrup Song" is musically similar, and while the vocals are somewhat irritating, the lyrics are thought-provoking in that they connect the dots of how we're all being fucked by corn syrup. A good chunk of this sounds like that great, early, jazzy German rock (think Brainticket and Amon Düül) stuff that I love so well. Really tense and desperate sounding. I really enjoyed this one.)

SEPTIC INCUBATION / ANAL DEATH FETUS - split CDR (I'm not into this Septic Incubation stuff at all today. My sense of humor is blown after listening to Nihilist Commando, I guess, and this just sounds stupid. Lots of gore vocals, drum machine blades and harsh noise. No thanks. Not today, anyway... Anal Death Fetus are even worse. I have a sneaking suspicion the same guy is responsible for both of these atrocities.)

SNUFF PEDDLER / MENSTRUAL NOISE MADNESS / DIGITAL FLATULENCIA - 3 way CDR (I've been putting this one off for a while based on the dumb song band names, but it's a lot better than I thought it would be. Snuff Peddler kind of sound like Slough, but with better production and pitch-shifted vocals. The intros before the songs are annoying because they're as long as the songs are, but the songs themselves are pretty good. M.N.M. do a ton of really short noisecore songs with two people screaming over guitar noise and a hyper-fast drum machine that sounds like it's playing the same blast for each song. I enjoyed their songs more than Snuff Peddler's. Digital Flatulencia were the least enjoyable for me, but that whole cyber-gore stuff never interested me. There's some interesting stuff going on sonically throughout, but the music itself isn't my thing.)

STRADION - "Gayboys From St. Louie" CDR (I listened to this once when I got it a few years ago and remember laughing at how terrible it was with my friend Brian, but today it seems to be a lot more enjoyable. This is one of Jeremy from SATAN GOD'S bands. The guy has been around as long as I have and we've traded some tapes over the years. We're not quite in the same scene, but we have some shared contacts, I guess. Anyway, this is one long track, nearly 9 minutes in length. The cover says this line-up formed specifically to write and record this piece, then broke up the next day. The song itself is a sprawling opus of thrash, death metal, doom and other experimental sounds. It's quite ambitious and often doesn't work very well, but there are a lot of moments where it does. The recording is decent, but thin sounding, and the cover is printed on hot pink paper. Yep, this is a strange one. It'd be interesting to know more about where their heads were when they doing this CD.)

TEA PARTY VIOLENCE / GRUESOME TOILET - split CDR (T.P.V. is a lot less noisy than I remember it being. This sounds like the sort of sound experimentation you'd hear on those old Eerie Materials compilations back in the early 90s. It's both interesting and irritating. There's lots of repetition, some breakbeat drums and a few blastbeats that only last a few seconds. Very little going on by way of vocals, but when they do pop up they're always odd sounding like they're pitched up or treated somehow. Strange stuff, but I like this. Gruesome Toilet is a great one man project from Oklahoma. Complete sewage noisecore with filthy sound, lots of blasting and inhuman sounding vocals.)

VISCERA - "Promo CD 2003" CDR (This is the exact same material as the "Body Basics" CDR released on Prolapse Records. I've already written about that one, so I'll skip it here.)

WITHIN A MIND - "7 Songs" CDR (No clue if this was released or not. The drummer/singer sent it to me a long time ago with some Mongoloid Witchcraft stuff he was working on. This stuff is difficult to describe. It's occasionally thrashy, but sometimes crosses over into death metal territory. There are a lot of progressive and technical moments throughout. There's a Misfits cover on here and an 18 second long Voivod cover. The musicianship is rock solid, but the recording is a little rough. Maybe this was a rough mix? I'm not really sure after all these years.)

ZOMBIE HATE BRIGADE - "Demo 2006" CDR (I distinctly remember trading this away years ago thinking I could find another copy, but I never got around to ordering another copy. Since then the band has disowned it and has stopped selling it. Today I found it in this box. Weird.... ZHB cane about after Yeast Infection fell apart. I believe three of the guys from Yeast Infection are in this demo. This does sound different from the stuff that came later, but it's not terrible. It's less chunky and more melodic. It sounds like a less brutal version of Yeast Infection. The recording is decent for a demo and Paul's drumming is strong. Not a bad starting point for a band, but if you're missing this in your collection, you're not missing much.)

V/A - "Wild Asparagus Igloo Lamentations" CDR (Another WCFOM compilation, as if you couldn't have guessed from the title. Turkey Shoot start things off with a mellow country song about whiskey barrels that sounds like it could have been lifted from one of Daniel Johnstons' albums. Slop Cake contributes a single track of noise stuff that sounds as if it has been pitched down quite a bit. Interesting stuff, sonically. Dick Panthers are great, as always. If they've never had the opportunity to play this stuff at a Holiday Inn at some point in there history, things aren't right in the world. Socialistic Johnny Goblet give us a 12 minute mess of guitar solos, samples and various noises. I'm at a loss as to how to accurately describe this stuff. I suppose that's an accomplishment in itself. Dreemweeverz sounds like so many of Food's other projects: his lazy vocals over guitar with no percussion. I can only assume that Timmie J. Malmsteem's Rising Pants is Tim from That One Band doing a power metal pisstake. The vocals are super annoying on these tracks. The Loving Couples are pretty good, really cheesy keyboard stuff with ridiculous vocals and  splashing water sounds (?). That One Band are always great, like a more metal version of Sockeye. Cauliflower Ass & Bob also also great here with three drunk, miserable country songs.)

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