Friday, March 29, 2013

Midget Fetish + Kusari Gama Kill Releases Online

I've been wanting to release a Midget Fetish discography CD for years, but I lost contact with their singer for well over a decade and was never able to make it happen. Recently we've re-connected and I convinced him to send me his master tapes to make transfers from. Unfortunately, they didn't sound any better than the demos I bought 16 years ago, so we've done the best we could with them. Pretend it's the 90s again and you're listening to a fuzzy tape and you'll be okay.
EDIT: A lot of work has been done to clean up the audio since I originally posted this a few days ago. Even if you've already downloaded it, I urge you to do so again. It sounds heaps better now.

Aussies seem to hate being compared to Blood Duster, but so often that comparison works. Midget Fetish comes off like a mixture of Blood Duster and Impetigo, but heaps more fun. These demos were on heavy rotation at my house for years and they're just as much fun today. There's a whole generation of grinders today who've never heard of them, though. Here's your chance to rectify that. Chances are this wont be tight, fast or clean enough for them to get into, but those people have never been my audience. 
 Download it HERE. 

Danish-noise duo KUSARI GAMA KILL have recorded an EP of experimental sounds specifically for Mortville Noise with sounds spelling out a tragic tale of space exploration gone wrong. While this may be a departure from what people expect from KGK, it’s every bit as harsh as their previous sonic attacks. No beats, very few vocals, no "core" - just dark and creepy noise with plenty of tension. I've listened to this thing a bunch already and it's quickly becoming one of my favorite releases. Don't let my lack of writing skills and inability to accurately describe this kind of stuff keep you from checking it out. Download it for free, crank it up nice and loud and lose yourself in the noise.  

Download it HERE.

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