Sunday, April 4, 2010

MORT:008/009 Captain Three Leg - "Reunion / The Last C3L Tape" 2000 + 2001

2000 and 2001 was a weird period for us, but one that yielded a lot of great songs and some of our most creative writing. When we started recording “The Last C3L Tape”, Brian didn’t even have a working drum kit. Songs like “Phanto” and “Baby Funeral” were recorded using the pre-set drums on the Concertmate keyboard with floor tom and cymbals for effect. Our friend Cole came into the mix and played guitar on the earliest songs and inspired Brian to get hit drum set fleshed out again. Soon enough we were in business.

“The Last C3L Tape” was indeed supposed to be our last tape, but only because we planned on making the digital jump to CDR for our next release. We kept on recording after we had all of the songs for “The Last C3L Tape” and soon had a whole second disc of material. Even though the cover art was formatted for cassette tape, we decided to release both of these discs together as one set.

“Reunion” (a joke title, because we didn’t break up) is clearly the better of the two discs and has some of our best songs ever on it. By this time we had gotten the formula down and were getting great results. We spent long days sitting around writing music, listening to it, and then layering overdubs on for texture. This is “kitchen sink” music. Lots of strange “instruments” made their way on to these recordings including: oven timer, jaw harp, a potato chip bag, Wurlitzer organ, trumpet, banjo, etc. I can’t remember a time I had more fun creating music.

There were 60 copies made of this set total. The covers for “Reunion” were printed out on my inkjet, then cut out and carefully glued over top of the cover for “The Last C3L Tape”. I was surprised to find that 9 years later the glue has held up and the two pieces have remained together. This was probably the worst selling C3L release. The people that liked it were very vocal about it, but it was largely ignored when it was released. Hopefully it will gain more notoriety in the digital world.


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