Saturday, April 10, 2010

MORT:050 Mummifier - "Basic Mummification Procedure" Demo 2009 3" CDR + Bonus live

This went out of print last week, so I've decided to upload it so people could grab it for free. A quick Google search showed that several people have uploaded it to their blogsites already. I guess I should feel flattered that people thought it was good enough to share.

Today MUMMIFIER is going into the studio to record our full length, 11 songs total. "Basic Mummification Procedure" was our first release. This 5 song rehearsal demo was recorded on a boombox, the same boombox CAPTAIN THREE LEG recorded their earliest material on. It sounds pretty rough as a result, but that was the whole intention. Surrounded by home recording gear, we could have made a great sounding demo, but there's something charming about doing a boombox recording as your first demo.

MUMMIFIER rose from the ashes of BILLY CRYSTAL METH and members of the soon to be dead GRAND OLD LADY. Made up of members of both bands, it was our goal to form a band that played late 80's style, mid-paced, old school death metal. After the first rehearsal, it was apparent that wouldn't be the case. Things quickly sped up past the intended tempo and our sound developed into our own.

Released as a 3" CDR, this was Mortville's 50th release and, as a result, limited to 50 copies. This upload contains a live set from September 15, 2009 as a bonus. Even the webcam recording sounds heaps better than the demo itself does.


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