Sunday, March 21, 2010

New releases...

MORT:053 CAPTAIN THREE LEG - "Shattered Limbs Braided Into the Spokes of the Death Machine" CDR (Unreleased sessions from 1995-2004. This release contains 88 tracks in 79 minutes and includes the "Brown Honky" session recorded in Japan, "Live KXLU", stuff from the unreleased split with DECHE-CHARGE, leftover songs from the split with FINAL EXIT, live and rehearsal songs. As a bonus, our material from the long out of print split 7" with GROINCHURN is added in the original full quality sound, not the wrecked version that ended up on the vinyl.) $4.00ppd / $6.00 world

MORT:052 CAPTAIN THREE LEG - "A Few Lixxx!" CDR (C3L’s newest release is 9 tracks of instrumental rock. The soundtrack to lyrics never recorded, to songs about being fucked over by the police, relationships gone wrong, the love of music and the joys of the opposite sex. The pre-written lyrics determined the style, length and structure of these songs. C3L provided the background music, then decided to scrap the vocals and leave the songs instrumental. Don’t question the madness, just go along for the ride. Limited to 100 copies.) $4.00ppd / $6.00 world.

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