Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mort:015 Scroungers - "Satan! Satan! Satan! Oi! Oi! Oi!" CDR (2004)

Over the years I've become sort of an authority on Scroungers here in the U.S.A, though that's not a title I've given myself, rather it was bestowed upon me by others.

After the release of the SCROUNGERS - "Weak as Piss" 7" I started getting letters from people on a regular basis asking questions about Scroungers and where they could get more of their music. Because Macka / Scroungers clearly stated inside the record sleeve that he didn't want to be bothered about it anymore, I dubbed a lot of tapes for people. Eventually I asked Macka about reissuing some of his older cassettes onto a CDR and he agreed. Mort:015 was the result, compiling the following releases...

"Your Taxes at Play" 1991
"Born to Bludge" 1993
"Eunuch and the Scroungers" 1994
"Void Your Bowels" 1995

My first contact with Macka came in 1995. I sent him a letter to the address on the inside of his split with RUPTURE asking how I could get more of his releases. The response I got back was lengthy and personal, appreciative of my interest in his music. He stated up front that he didn't accept money for his tapes, but would accept trades for music or artwork I had done instead, claiming that anyone was capable of creating something. We've been writing each other every since, I even had the pleasure of meeting up with him when I went to Australia in 2000. I even had my picture taken with him under his protest. If I wasn't such a nice guy, I'd post it here, but I'm a man of my word and I said I wouldn't, ha ha!

Scroungers music comes from the heart and from the brain with clever, well thought out lyrics about subjects he's passionate about backed with some of the best hardcore you'll ever hear. With a firm grass-roots stance on how music should be recorded and distributed, it only makes sense to return these recordings to free distribution via download.

There's nothing I can say here that hasn't already been posted (along with a 23 track Scroungers retrospective, many songs NOT on this CD I'm posting!) at , so go there and read the full Scroungers history.

Lyrics and cover are included in the zipped folder.



mark p. said...

GREAT fucking band. A while back Zach H./Not Very Nice sent me two packed CDRs of stuff from the tapes that aren't on this CD.. Recordings from '90 to '99 I think? Anyway, I uploaded them both like half a year ago and it seems like the links are still active:

Disc 1:

Disc 2:

Anonymous said...

any chance you will re upload this CDR?

i would also like to download the other Scrounger mp3s that mark p uploaded...if you have them!


gamma693 said...

Find it here...