Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New releases...

I don't spend nearly enough time updating this blogsite. For that, I'm sorry. I'll try to get more of my out of print releases update in upcomming months. Until then, how about some spam?

(Canada's DECHE-CHARGE have been around so long that they shouldn't need any introduction. This split CDR offers up the same head-splitting "woo-woo-wooo!", abrasive noisecore they've been offering up for years. BFJ = members of JUHYO and CAPTAIN THREE LEG doing 104 short blasts of noisecore in just over 17 minutes. Comes with a nice full color cover, inside and out, and is limited to 200 copies.)

MORT:049 SPEW-GINA - "Spewgin to the Oldies" CDR
(Partial discography of ghetto-ass noise shit from the bad side of Denver. These motherfuckers were slingin' dope, slappin' hoes and creating some of the nastiest noisecore before they split-up in late 90's. Line-up for this material was Skitzo-3 (Gaunjareah), Kevin Trujillo (Dratsab, Duece, Ear Bleeding Disorder, Fuck This) and the late Josh "ACE" Stough (Gaunjareah, Festering Puke, Dismembered Fetus, and The Porch Monkeys). 99 tracks in 80 minutes. This split release with Menace to Sobriety will be limited to 200 copies.)

MORT:048 VIOLENT HEADACHE - "The Noisecore Days:1989-1991" 2xCDR
(2 CDs, 100 minutes, 300 songs including the following demos..."Sad But True" Demo 1988, "A Hell on Your Head" Demo 1989, split w/ SLASH DEMENTIA Demo 1990 plus the unreleased "The Fight Continues" Demo 1990 + "Pyogenic Infection of Membrillo" Demo 1991. This 2 x CDR set collects everything recorded before the "Therapy of Noise" Demo (their first demo to represent the familiar sound we all know and love today). This set is 100% completely over the top ear-shredding noisecore. Professionally duplicated CDRs with full color covers packaged in a dual CD jewel case, limited to 200 copies and already selling quickly.)

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