Sunday, March 29, 2009

V/A - Three Bean Salad - C-90 comp. 1997

Before I decided on Mortville for a label name, I released this one cassette compilation under the name "Evinrude Productions". I'm not sure why I chose that as a label name, but I didn't release anything else under that monkier in fear of trouble with the boat motor people.

I assembled this tape in 1997 by asking bands I was already in contact with to record songs specifically for this release. I'm sure a lot of these bands' only released material appears on this tape, which makes this even more of an oddity. The Treadz, Witherstench + Raging Noise Slaughter were all bands the singer of Soiled did. To my knowledge none of these bands released anything else. The Slough track came into my possession because I had asked them to release a split 7" with Warsore. They only sent me this one track and it wasn't anywhere near the length needed for a split 7", so Naked Rick let me release it on this comp instead. The goofball behind all of the Bif Tannen Crap on this tape eventually went on to become underground famous for his band Scum Bitch.

I made 200 copies of this tape, all with miniature 24 page booklets that fit inside the tape case. It took a while, but all 200 copies sold.

Not all of this stuff is good. In fact, some of it is terrible, but there are some real gems on here. The Ecostench stuff on here is terrific. It's a shame that Ecostench / Captain Three Leg - split tape never materialized. Part of the charm of cassette compilations like this one were wading through the muck to get to the good stuff. The luxury of having it on mp3 now means you can skip through that muck easier. 73 trax total in 90 minutes. Wallow in it, baby!

The Treadz
Cellulite Smurf Redneck Brainwash
The Earwigs
Pus Del Recto
Decomposing Serenity
Pile of Eggs
Cripple Bastards
Homogenized Terrestrials
Limbless Prostitute
Necrophiliac Liquorice
Bum Bum Pee Pee QQ
Traffic Food
Ovary Poop
There is a Candycane on my Nose
Leprechaun Business
Nervous Principal
Christ is Dead
Raging Noise Slaughter



mark p. said...

Great stuff man, keep 'em coming!

Fibro said...

Hey bro! Nice to see you got a blog too, i'll add it to my links!!
Also great to know you just released Violent Headache, and good luck with the new house!
Cheers from Italy!