Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dismembered Fetus Demo and Rarities Collection

This stuff needed to be collected, plain and simple. For the sake of the music, yes, but also to pay tribute to Joshua "Ace" Stough's contribution to extreme music. I've been a fan of Dismembered Fetus and a friend of Josh's since 1995 and I haven't heard half of these recordings until recently. It's criminal how underrated Dismembered Fetus were as a band and how difficult it was for me to track down their earliest material. I considered myself to be one of the people in the fold (well, maybe just on the fringe), but it alluded me for nearly 20 years. Even in the Internet age, precious little information has turned up about them and only low resolution scans of Foetusgrubber's beautiful artwork could be found. There wasn't much to work with when compiling this collection, but with help from a friend and hours of plundering through fanzines untouched for almost two decades - here is the bulk of their work. The music is as visceral today as it was in the 90s and finally hearing the first two demos gave me a whole new appreciation of their evolution as a band. Literally all of it, though, is absolutely crushing. This hatred they captured on tape sounds genuine, too, and nobody since has been able to duplicate this sound. This is truly angry music, menacing and ugly. Fuck, I miss the 90s.

This release is dedicated to Joshua "Ace" Stough. Though you're gone in form, the memories and your music will live on forever. RIP, 1975-2008. 

These two volumes compile the following releases:

"Dumpster Days" Demo (1992)
"Broken Neck" Demo (1994)
"Hate" Demo (1994)
"I Don't Feel So Fucking Good" Demo (1995)
"Mutilated God" split w/ Drogheda (1997)
"Rotted Head Meat Supply" Compilation
"Attacked By Bees..." Compilation
"Hymns For The Hearing Impaired Vol.1" Compilation
"Pigeoneck.... 8 Years Of Unreleased Shit" Compilation
+ Unreleased material

Download the first part (MORT:072) HERE

...and the second part (MORT:073)  HERE.


matt joel said...

dude thx very much ive listened the i dont feel so fucking good demo
some time ago and i couldnt find it on the net, thx again for posting this not only the demo but a lot of the stuff they've put out, i really apreciate it.

mithrandir said...

this is amazing! thanks for doing all this!

Foetusgrubber said...

Fuckin Sick Brother!!! Thanks for doing all this!!! If Id have known I would've gotten you the original art in hd!!!