Sunday, October 28, 2012

MORT:066 BEARTRAP - "Ascending Oranges" free download

Here's my Halloween treat to all of you! Instead of rotting your teeth with sugary candy, rot your brain and destroy your ears with one of the finest noisecore outfits going today. "Ascending Oranges" is a collection of two unreleased recordings: a studio session from 2010 and a live recording from 2006. 46 tracks total of tuneless, noisy mayhem fronted by one of the coolest people ever, all free for the taking. Long live Beartrap!

Download it HERE



dirt said...

damn, no free download... 7 bucks for this album. at least at this current moment. would like to check out, but 7 bucks for mp3s... no way :)

gamma693 said...

Apologies... I ran out of free downloads last month and Bandcamp switched everything to $7.00. I was not aware of this until now. I have changed everything back to free, so please grab it now. :)