Thursday, May 3, 2012

MORT:061 DUMB CHURCH - "Learning Curve" download

In 1996, after having recorded on a friend's 4 track a couple of times, I decided to buy one of my own. It's arrival brought a period of experimentation and a collection of songs recorded with the sole purpose of learning how the machine worked and where to set levels, etc. These recordings were all done in my bedroom with me playing all of the instruments. Lacking a drummer (and proper drums, really), a make-shift drum set consisting of a Remo practice pad, empty cookie tin and a pair of spoons filled my percussion needs until I was able to borrow a Boss DR-5 drum machine for a few days. The guitars were recorded directly without any mics. This period of exploration lasted two weeks before I lost interest. The end result is 91 tracks of bedroom bored-core. 

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Professer said...

Best set of songs ive heard in a while