Thursday, December 8, 2011

MORT:038 NETJAJEV SS - "Discography 2005-2006" CDR download

These came and went pretty quickly. I co-released this with Not Very Nice in Michigan, only made 200 copies (I think?) and they were gone within a matter of months. 

Netjajev SS was Magnus Lundberg's Rupture inspired HC band he did between Ulcerrhoea and Syphilitic Vaginas. What started out pretty much as a continuation of the mid-period Rupture fastcore sound eventually morphed into an entirely different beast incorporating surf parts, atypical instrumentation, etc. This 55 track CDR collected the following releases from 2005-2006: "Rabid Cunts Must Evaoprate" 7", "Surfside Anthems Vol.1" 7", "Surfside Anthems Vol. 2" 7", "Anarchy Andromeda" 12" and the split 7"s with Syphilitic Vaginas, Brody's Militia and Ulcerrhoea.


Evan Grinder said...

link is dead, would it be possible to re-upload this one?

gamma693 said...
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gamma693 said...

Link has been updated.