Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Captain Three Leg shirts

It's been 13 years since the last batch of C3L shirts were printed up, so we decided to work up three different designs and do 12 of each. A lot of these have pre-sold, two of the designs sold out completely, but there's still a few left of the other second design. We only made them in sizes L and XL. Shirts are $11.00ppd inside the USA. Outside the USA? Shirts are $7.00 + shipping, whatever that works out to be.

If you're interested in buying a shirt, send an email to the address listed in the "About Me" section stating which design you want, which size you need and what country you live in and I'll get back to you with a total and information for Paypal payment.

The above design (shirt "B" for ordering purposes) is black print on tan shirts, not white as pictured. There is (1) L shirt and (2) XL shirts available for purchase.

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