Sunday, February 15, 2009

Captain Three Leg - "The Birth of the Creatures to Conquer" CDR 2002

Released in 2002, this was Captain Three Leg’s second foray into the compact disc format after the mammoth “Reunion / The Last C3L Tape” 2xCDR. Comprised of 72 songs from 8 different recording sessions, this CDR included new material recorded specifically for this release, older sessions that hadn’t found a home yet, excerpts from the abandoned split tape with Belgium’s BLOODSUCKERS and the full recording session for our split 7” with UNHOLY GRAVE. All of this stuff was recorded between 1997 and 2002 with varying line-ups including members of CITIZENS ARREST, DISMEMBERED FETUS, CATHETER and EAR BLEEDING DISORDER.

I’m not sure why I didn’t assign a MORT # to this release. I didn’t keep track of how many of these were made either as I burned copies as needed, printed and cut out all of the inserts by hand, etc. I must have made a few hundred of these things, but who knows?

The first 25 tracks on this CD are some of my favorite C3L recordings. We’ve tried to duplicate that thick, muddy sound after this and were never able to achieve it.

I’ve been burning copies of this for 7 years. I guess I can stop now. All of the artwork in included in the zipped folder. Print it out yourself and burn your own CD. This download will be the only way this release is available from me for now on. Download it and do what you want with it, including file sharing, burning copies for friends, etc. There has never been copyright on any Mortville release, this one included.


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