Saturday, January 24, 2009

MORT:002 Parade of the Lifeless / Noisear - split 7" 1998

Derrick, the singer of P.O.T.L., and I had been in touch since 1995. We got to know eachother after I sent a Captain Three Leg tape to Knot Music in hopes of him releasing something on his label. The guy from Knot Music told me that C3L sounded almost exactly like this band SOILED from NY and said I should get in touch with them. After an akward first phone call to Derrick, we soon bacame friends.

I've always loved SOILED, but by the time I contacted Derrick, SOILED had broken broken up. Okay, they didn't really break up because they never really existed as a band. More accurately you could say they stopped getting together to attack their audiences with a barrage of noise. Eventually Derrick started playing with a new band consisting of ex-AVULSION dudes and they were really terrific. Finally I had a chance to release something of his.

I was slipped an advance demo of NOISEAR when C3L played a show in Denver. Most of the tape was instrumental, but you knew it was going to be awesome even without vocals. They took forever to give me their DAT tape for this record and when I got it from them (a handoff at a Black Market Fetus show in Des Moines) it had an irritating hiss over all of the tracks. I sent the P.O.T.L. master and the NOISEAR tape to a guy to have them assemebled on one DAT to send to the plant and asked the guy to try and fix the hiss on the NOISEAR side if he could. I didn't have a DAT machine here, so I didn't hear how terrible the NOISEAR stuff sounded until after I got the test pressings back. There wasn't much I could do about it at that point, but their songs sounded better before he "fixed" them.

Again, 1000 copies were pressed, this time all on clear vinyl. I did the covers locally and they scrutinized the cover art beforehand and I didn't think they were going to print them, but they did. I didn't last long at that place. They soon started refusing my business.

Parade of the Lifeless:
1. Doug Flutie Loves His Kiddie Porn
2. Myriad Mindset

1. Surgeon General
2. Free to Maim
3. You Must Comply
4. Moraccon Hash Block
5. Shorty Shit Stain


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