Wednesday, October 3, 2018

MORT:113 NEE! - "Nee!'s Finest: Does Noise Belong In Music?" CD

Unfortunately for Nee!, most people’s introduction to the band was their split 7” with Warsore - arguably the greatest band in grindcore. Their drummer once told me he thought the record was a mistake, but I wouldn’t have asked them to do it if I thought the two bands weren’t evenly matched. Though they were absolutely buried by what ended up being Warsore’s best material, Nee!’s “30 Song Demo” was grind/noise perfection. It was everything I loved about grindcore, and I wanted more people to hear them. Twenty years later, Mortville is proud to reissue the band’s entire recorded output in one package. Collected on this CD is their “Nee Means No” CD, “30 Song Demo”, split w/ Warsore 7”, split w/ Pissed Off Orgasm cassette, tracks from the “Three Bean Salad” compilation, “Unearthed” compilation, plus unreleased live and studio material. It’s 119 tracks / 77 minutes of unhinged, bulldozing, blast-driven Dutch grind/noise on a 98 track CD. $5.00 + shipping. 



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