Wednesday, October 3, 2018

MORT: 114 TRAFFIC DEATH - "Four Disc Pile-Up" CD

Traffic Death are a violent crossover thrash band with veterans of the Des Moines, IA extreme metal and punk scenes. Their music is a summary of their musical past, fusing together several sub-genres of metal, punk and all points between. Before forming in 2013, their members had already played hundreds of shows with their previous bands Black Market Fetus, Dark Mirror and Nancy Grace Death Squad. Their experience shows, both recorded and on stage.In their five years as a band, they’ve released two LPs, a 7” and a split 7” with Ft. Wayne horror punks, The Lurking Corpses. “Four Disc Pile-Up” compiles all of their recordings on one CD that includes a 12 page booklet with all of the lyrics and art from the original vinyl releases. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a vehicular homicide, or for the drive home from dropping off the little ones at school, depending on your temperament. 32 tracks / 59 minutes, $5.00 + shipping.

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