Wednesday, October 3, 2012

MORT:063 ARTORTURED - "Dimensions of Suffering" free download

15 tracks of desert-baked, hyper-blasting noisegrind from Santa Fe, New Mexico featuring members of Ear Bleeding Disorder, Sistema Nervioso, Dismembered Fetus and Noisear. The band was short lived and only recorded an 8 track demo, a split 7” with Crisis Rebirth and was featured on the Bad People Records Comp “Hymns For The Hearing Impaired” in the mid nineties. They performed only a few shows in their short existence with bands like Assück, Logical Nonsense, MITB, Neurosis, Spazz, The Fanatics, EBD, His Hero is Gone, Agents of Satan, Dead Bodies Everywhere and Dead and Gone. This was their only full length, recorded at Free Reeling Studios in Denver, CO in 1998, and never saw the light of day until now. 

Thanks to Dorian for unleashing this monster after all this time and for allowing me the honors. Dedicated to Joshua "ACE" Stough - RIP

Download it for free HERE

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