Monday, March 12, 2012

DRATSAB - "Discography 1995-1996"

It occurred to me while compiling the E.B.D. collection below that nobody ever talks about DRATSAB, Kevin from E.B.D.’s earlier hardcore band. They’ve always been a favorite of mine, but I think they’re largely unknown. Had I not met Kevin right after they broke up, I probably still wouldn’t know about them today. Kevin’s distinct vocals and buzzsaw guitar sound are largely responsible for my liking this band, but the bass playing and drumming are solid, too. Their music straddled the fence between crust and American hardcore, their lyrics personal and thought provoking.

During their existence they released a full 7”, split 7”s with ALCOHOLOCAUST and REFORM CONTROL and appeared on the “No Royalties” LP compilation. All 12 songs are collected here on this download.

The bass player, Tony, made a myspace page for the band as sort of a tribute. According to their page he still has copies of their records for sale. I also learned by browsing their page that Leo, their drummer, is now dead. I have no clue what happened, though.



Anonymous said...

i do not know if this is the same Leo Espinoza but location and age might be right.

gamma693 said...

Yeah, that could be him. The name and city are right, anyway, no clue about his age. I never met the guy, so I don't know. Too bad either way.

tony becerra said...

thx for this link.. i will remember always
-tony dratstar (Bass,Vox)