Sunday, February 19, 2012

NECROPHILIACS - "The Collected Works"

So, I guess I'm posting other people's releases here now...

Necrophiliacs are one of the great "ham-sandwich-in-the-mouth" noisecore bands from Germany. I've always considered them to be a noisecore band because of the scene they came from, but their songs had a lot of structured parts in addition to the blasts of noise. Those vocals are something else, though, soooooo fucking stupid... There are cover versions of Patareni, No Comment, Sick of it All, Infest and Fear of God mixed in this 42 song collection. According to
they shared members with W.B.I. at one point. After they split up some of them went on to form Flachenbrand. With the exception of the ultra-rare split 7" with W.B.I., all of these rips came from my vinyl / CDs. I've never once seen a copy of the W.B.I. split available for sale and all of the rips I've found of it online sound like complete dogshit. I've included it here anyway to keep this collection more or less complete. There might have been some demos or compilation tracks I don't know about, so I can't say for sure how complete this is. This collects the following releases:
V/A – RUDI RAT VOL. 6 2CD (Ecocentric Records / 1999)
V/A – OBRADE: A Tribute to Patareni LP (Falšanja Kol'ko'š Records / 1996)
“Hardcore Psychos” 7” (Perverted Taste / 1995)
Split 7” w/ INCISIVE (Perverted Taste / 1995)
Split 7” w/ MEAT SHITS (Regurgitated Semen Records / 1994)
“Primitive and Unclutivated” 12” (Rodel Records / 1993)
Split 7” w/ LEUCEMIE (Rodel Records / 1992)
Split 7” w/ W.B.I. (Schnauf Records / 1991)

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