Wednesday, November 9, 2011

THE MIGHTY ACCELERATÖR - "The First Year" FREE download

This is not a new Acceleratör album. This is a collection of unfinished 4 track recordings, live and rehearsal tracks assembled in an effort to document our first year of existence. If hearing the same songs four times in a row in varying degrees of completion sounds like a fun way to spend 97 minutes, this is for you.

The Mighty Acceleratör formed during Oktoberfest 2004 with raised voices and the stench of sawdust and beer. It took another month or two before we stared rehearsing, though, originally at Stephen's house in Hedrick, then at my house in Ottumwa. This was the first time any of us had played together. Inspired equally by Def Leppard and The Jabbers, we started writing songs right away.

Eventually we had enough songs to try and record them. Turned out we were writing songs faster than we could rehearse them. There were so many mistakes on that first recording we decided to scrap it and try again later.

Sometime after we started rehearsing at my house, Tom's brother Aaron joined on second guitar. Tom started missing practice with increasing frequency, never offering an explanation. Often he wouldn't even bother calling, leaving Stephen driving 30 minutes from Hedrick through the snow for nothing. Suddenly there was urgency to record the songs again before things fell apart.

The second attempt at recording went a little better, but the recording sounded worse. My guitar was recorded with the level too high and was distorted as a result. As was usually the case, we were plagued with tuning problem because of playing on absolute shit gear.

It was never our intention to leave these songs instrumental, but we never got around to writing lyrics for them. After doing a rough mix of the second recording, Stephen and I met once to try and write lyrics, but we never got any further than the chorus for "Werewoofs". Most of our songs didn't even have titles at the time. At that point it was apparent the band was falling apart and because I wasn't happy with the recording anyway, we just gave up. Acceleratör didn't break up, we just sort of fizzled out and stopped calling each other for rehearsal.

In our 6 months as a band we wrote 8 songs, played one and a half shows and recorded twice producing nothing worth releasing. It took a 5 year hiatus and 3 new members to finally get a proper recording of these songs.

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