Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Attacked by Bees..." C-35 comp 1998

"Attacked by Bees..." was my second compilation tape. I ended up dubbing 400 copies of this before stopping. It was loads of work assembling these things between dubbing the tapes at real time, typing out each label, cutting out and numbering each cover and cutting, stapling and folding the booklets. I certainly didn't charge enough for them considering the materials and amount of work involved. Being able to effortlessly sell 400 copies of this tape inspired me to start up Mortville and do my first vinyl release.

As with my other compilation tapes, the majority of these songs are exclusive to this release. The exceptions were Kungfu Rick and Arden Chapman, both of their tracks came from their demos. The tracks from Dahmer, Unholy Grave and Taste of Fear would all be released on split 7"s later, but were unreleased when I compiled this. Overall I'm really happy with the track selection and feel this was a solid release.

A couple of years ago I considered releasing this and "Where's Your Beard?" on one CD, but I've since abandoned the idea. It was 4 seconds too long for both of them to fit on a CD and it would have been too much work tracking down all of these bands to send them free copies, anyway. Some of them I haven't been in contact with since sending them copies of this tape. I decided to just make it available for free download instead.

J. Randall has a great thing going with his Grindcore Karaoke website, so I thought that would be the best place to host it. He's up to almost 100 releases now, all free for the taking. Go over to his site to grab this compilation, then look over his other titles while you're there.


Please note: Because this was assembled 13 years ago, the addresses listed on the bands graphics probably aren't accurate today and were included for archival purposes only.

Band list for "Attacked by Bees..."

Arden Chapman
Bete Noire
Disability Recovery Project
Dismembered Fetus
Decomposing Serenity
Ear Bleeding Disorder
Feces Munchers
Final Exit
Flammable Child
Forced Expression
Green Beret
Hated Principles
Kungfu Rick
Liquified Maggots
Morbid Vomit
NY Against the Belzebu
Malignant Gimo
Person Inside of Regan
Religious Fucks
Taste of Fear
Tender Love
Unholy Grave
Victims of Tradition
Yeast Infection

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