Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MORT:065 ALBERT TROSS, LEADER OF THE DEMONS - "Brown Noise" free download

Skipping ahead some in release numbers because I have some other releases I'm still waiting on artwork and lyrics for, I'm happy to present ALBERT TROSS, LEADER OF THE DEMONS - "Brown Noise" as MORT:065. 

If you were paying attention, Albert Tross did a remix of "30% Chance of Pain" as a bonus track on CAPTAIN THREE LEG's "Return to the Space Hole" release. In the plunderphonics spirit of John Oswald, Negativland and Evolution Control Committee, this release was created entirely from mangled loops stolen from old library records, glazed over with odd samples and fried to imperfection. Occasionally funny, often creepy - this collection was supposed to have an official release on another label, but didn't happen. Maybe it was budget related, maybe not. I'm happy to give it a home at Mortville Noise. 

This sort of stuff is difficult to describe, but easy to enjoy. I've already listened to this more than some of my other release people consider to be "essential". If you like what you hear, there's loads more where this came from at: alberttrossleaderofthedemons.bandcamp.com


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