Friday, March 30, 2012


This is your last chance to grab some of these titles before they sell out completely. Mortville is dead and I have no plans of re-pressing any of my past titles. I looked last night and lots of things are selling out, but these pictured above are the closest. Here's what I have left...

4 x CAPTAIN THREE LEG - "Shattered Limbs Braided..." CDR $4.00 each
3 x DOKTOR BITCH / BILLY CRYSTAL METH - split CDR $3.00 each
6 x SPEW-GINA - "Spewgin to the Oldies" CDR $3.00 each
12 x VIOLENT HEADACHE - "The Noisecore Days" 2CDR $6.00 each
1 x COLICO / D.F.E. - split CDR $3.00 each
1 x CAPTAIN THREE LEG / CACASONICA - split CDR $3.00 each
5 x V/A - "Small Doses"- 100 band CD comp. $5.00 each

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