Sunday, March 4, 2012

EAR BLEEDING DISORDER: Its Causes and Cure v.2

I had already been exchanging letters, trading tapes and talking on the phone with Joshua “Ace” Stough for a couple of years at that point, but 1997 was the year my friend Brian (drummer of C3L) and I first made the 12 hour drive to Denver to meet Josh. Josh had just moved back in with his father and seeing how he’d not met either of us before then, he wasn’t sure if it would be okay for us to stay at his father’s house. Instead, we ended up sleeping at EAR BLEEDING DISORDER’s rehearsal space in an old school building in the middle of Five Points, a ghetto in Denver sometimes referred to as “Harlem of the West”. Not only was I not crazy about leaving my car parked on the street overnight, the building had no air conditioning or even windows that opened. There were no showers or working plumbing. It was the middle of July and the smell in that room reached epic heights, but we spent most of our daytime hours driving around doing things, so the heat was tolerable at night. Strong, lasting friendships were formed that summer, so it was worth all the inconvenience.

EAR BLEEDING DISORDER was a band made up of members of REFORM CONTROL, DRATSAB and DISMEMBERED FETUS. I don’t remember how Haroldo and Josh met each other, but they came from two fairly different music scenes: Josh from the death metal/noisecore scene and Haroldo from the hardcore/punk scene. Kevin and Haroldo knew each other from the hardcore scene, even releasing a split 7” with each others bands. Somehow E.B.D. came to be and we happened to be there in the middle of it. We saw them rehearse at least a couple of times, caught one of only a few shows they played during their short existence and even recorded a C3L session with all of the members of E.B.D. and released it as a split 7” with UNHOLY GRAVE. Another C3L session was recorded and released as a split tape with DUECE during that trip with everyone in E.B.D. but Haroldo present. It was a fun week and I made several trips back out there to see Josh and Kevin, some with Brian, some on my own.

EAR BLEEDING DISORDER only recorded in the studio one time, a session that yielded their split 7” with LAUGHING DOG, 17 tracks for the “Chords of Chaos” CD compilation and 6 short blasts of noise for the “Attacked by Bees…” cassette compilation I released before starting up Mortville. Strangely, all of their tracks from their split 7” with the exception of “Magnumb” also appear on the “Chords of Chaos” CD. Some of the songs had different titles on their two releases even though they were the exact same recording. The live tracks on this collection were sourced from a second generation VHS tape, some of which don’t appear on any of their releases making it impossible to attach song titles to them. This 46 track collection contains every scrap of audio I had in my possession.

Just as I don’t remember how the members of E.B.D. met each other, I don’t remember the circumstances surrounding their breakup. Josh reformed his old band YEAST INFECTION a couple of years later, Haroldo took over the drummer position in CATHETER and Kevin did a tour with C3L in the summer of 1999 and has been laying low since then. I haven’t heard from their singer, Brian, since E.B.D. broke up, no clue what he’s doing now.

Thanks to Chris Petersen for bringing the demo recording to my attention and expanding this collection from 46 tracks to 58.

Split 7" with LAUGHING DOG
(Bad People Records + Riotous Assembly / 1997)

"Chords of Chaos" compilation CD
(Lofty Storm Records / 1998)

"Hymns For the Hearing Impaired Volume I" compilation CD
(Bad People Records + Riotous Assembly / 1999)



Levi said...

What ever happened to Kif @ Riotous Assembly?? I'm pretty sure he owes me records or money, or both

gamma693 said...

I wondered the same thing while I was putting this post together. I haven't heard from him since 2000 or 2001.