Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mortville Discography 1997-2013

Below is a list of the releases I've done on Mortville up until now. It's my goal to upload artwork and audio for all of my "SOLD OUT" titles so that they are available again via download, but this will be a pretty big task and will take some time to do so.
Mort:001 Warsore / Nee! - split 7" SOLD OUT
Mort:002 Parade of the Lifeless / Noisear - split 7" SOLD OUT
Mort:003 Sockeye - "Barf on a Globe:7" Vinyl Collection 1989-1998" CD SOLD OUT
Mort:004 v/a - "Where's Your Beard?" - C-48 comp SOLD OUT
Mort:005 My Minds Mine / Violent Headache - split 7" SOLD OUT
Mort:006 Scroungers - "Weak as Piss" 7"
Mort:007 Rupture - "Soapfarm / Das Waffen SS" 7"
Mort:008/009 Captain Three Leg - "The Last C3L Tape / Reunion" 2xCDR SOLD OUT
Mort:010 Sockeye - "Retards Hiss Past my Window" CD
Mort:011 Parade of the Lifeless / Dahmer - split 7" SOLD OUT
Mort:??? Deche-Charge - "Complete 7" Collection" CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:011.5 Retaliation / The Kill - split 7" SOLD OUT
Mort:012 Beast in Heat - "The Real Fonzie" CD
Mort:013 C.S.S.O. / Filth - split 7" SOLD OUT
Mort:014 Gus Chamber and the Rape Apes - CD
Mort:015 Scroungers - "Satan! Satan! Satan! Oi! Oi! Oi!" CDR SOLD OUTMort:016 Toughskins - "Bloody Fuckin' Oi! Oi!" CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:017 Captain Three Leg - "3516" CDR SOLD OUTMort:018 Soiled - "Discography" CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:019 Antigama / Deranged Insane - split CDR SOLD OUT

Mort:020 Captain Three Leg - "Boombox Days: 1995-1996" CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:021 Genital Masticator - "Ultimate Collection" 2xCDR SOLD OUT
Mort:022 Stab! - "Black Stabbath" CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:023 Captain Three Leg / Pantalones Abajo Marinero - split CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:024 Stab! / Beartrap - split CDR
Mort:025 Agacoples / Brutal Noise - split CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:026 Gristle - "Cut And Paste 1994" CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:027 Unisex - "Hold Your Breath... and Then Some" CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:028 Mantapus - "Discography" CDR SOLD OUTMort:029 Deche-Charge / Permanent Death - split 7" SOLD OUT
Mort:030 Thinkshit - "Discography" CDR
Mort:031 Triggabone - "Head" CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:032 Captain Three Leg - "Everyone Else Is Fucken Doing it" CDR
SOLD OUTMort:033 Anal Massaker / Captain Three Leg - split CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:034 Threeskin - "One less Than Foreskin / Treatment..." CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:035 Dahmer - "Our Worst Recordings" CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:036 C.S.M.D. / Gorgonized Dorks - split CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:037 Scat - "Addicted to Hell" CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:038 Netjajev S.S. - "Discography 2005-2006" CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:039 Doktor Bitch / Billy Crystal Meth - split CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:040 Borf Beast - "70 Minutes of Evil" CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:041 Captain Three Leg / Cacasonica - split CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:042 Billy Crystal Meth - "Meth Metal" CD
Mort:043 Captain Three Leg / Whoretorn / Yeast Infection - 3 Way CD
Mort:044 Stab! / Feculence - split CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:045 Tear You a New Asshole - "Tread-Womp Slut-A-Thon" C-18 SOLD OUT
Mort:046 Grand Old Lady / Billy Crystal Meth - split CDR
Mort:047 Colico / Deep Fried Embryo - split CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:048 Violent Headache - "The Noisecore Days: 1988-1991" 2xCDR
Mort:049 Spew-Gina - "Spewgin to the Oldies" CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:050 Mummifier - "Basic Mummification Procedure" 3"CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:051 Deche-Charge / Big Fist Johnny - split CDR
Mort:052 Captain Three Leg - "A Few Lixxx!" CDR

Mort:053 Captain Three Leg - "Shattered Limbs Braided Into the Spokes of the Death Machine" CDR SOLD OUT
Mort:054 Captain Three Leg - "All Fours" CDR
Mort:055 Violent Headache - "Rare Sessions 1991-97" CDR
Mort:056 v/a - "Small Doses" 100 band CD comp SOLD OUT
Mort:057 Mummifier - "Advanced Mummification Procedure" CD (never released)
Mort:058 The Mighty Accelerator - "Soccer Mom" CDR SOLD OUT 

Mort:059 Captain Three Leg - "Return to the Space Hole" online only
Mort:060 v/a - "Slipped Through The Cracks" online only
Mort:061 Dumb Church - "Learning Curve" online only
Mort:062 C.H.U.D. - "Straight Edge Apocalypse Hardcore Murder" online only
Mort:063 Artortured - "Dimensions of Suffering" online only
Mort:064 The Mighty Accelerator - "Back From The Dead" CDR
Mort:065 Albert Tross, Leader of the Demons - "Brown Noise" online only
Mort:066 Beartrap - "Ascending Oranges" online only
Mort:067 Second Wave Of Terror - s/t online only
Mort:068 Captain Three Leg / Blood Suckers - split online only
Mort:069 Hambeast - "The Curse Of The Parfait" online only
Mort:070 Kusari Gama Kill - "Space Travel EP" online only
Mort:071 Midget Fetish - "A Short Time Later" online only
Mort:072 Dismembered Fetus - "First Course: Fetus Platter" online only
Mort:073 Dismembered Fetus - "Anthropophagus Anthology Vol.2" online only
Mort:074 Rupture - "Last Call" online only
Mort:075 Wuzor - "WUMUTHAFUCKINGZOR" online only

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