Sunday, March 25, 2012

A-Z PROJECT: #315-339

341 days ago I started listening to all of my CDs in alphabetic order to see if I could do it. I found myself bored with what I was listening to and spending more and more time deciding on what to listen to. I realized I had a lot of CDs I never listened to, stuff I never had the urge to put on, and decided to just listen to all of them in order instead. My goal was to listen to everything in a year, or at least to see how long it would take me to accomplish this. I don’t consider myself to be a writer, a music critic or an authority on music. I'm well aware of the fact that I contradict myself often. This is simply a way to alleviate boredom at a job in which very little is expected out of me. I’m also not posting these playlists to brag about my music collection and I’m not burning copies of this stuff for people, so don’t ask.

(*) asterisks note things that are burned copies and not an original release. CDRs without asterisks behind them were originally issued as CDRs.

Day #315
v/a - "Bloodstains Across Andy's Record Collection" CDR* (Yeah, stupid name, I know. You should see the cover art I came up with. I used to try and name all of the compilations I did, but have since given up on that. Nobody ever sees these besides me anyway, so what's the point? This is a collection of 7"s I ripped: UNITED MUTATIONS - "Kyo Ki", BORED YOUTH - s/t, DEATH SENTENCE - "Thanks for the Support", NEOS - "Fight With Donald", ISOCRACY - "Bedtime for Isocracy", KEN ARDLEY PLAYBOYS - "Eni Fing...", DICKIES - "Manny, Moe and Jack", TRAGIC MULATTO - s/t and PLUGZ - "Singl". Nothing terribly rare, all records I love, though.)

v/a - "Brutal Noisecore EPs" CDR* (Another pile of my 7"s I ripped: AUNT MARY - "A Lot More Than an Ordinary Ping Pong Ball", BRIGADA DO ODIO - s/t, CANNIBALISTIC CULT - "Sexual Motivation: Human Pieces in my Bed", RUIDO DE ODIO - "Proletarios", K.K.F. / RUIDO DE ODIO - split and the W.B.I. / NECROPHILIACS - split 7" which I downloaded. I traded that Cannibalistic Cult 7" years ago. I wish I still had it now, even if it is terrible.)

FLAG OF DEMOCRACY - "Love Songs" 7"
HITLER SS / TAMPAX - split 7"
YDI - "A Place in the Sun" 7"
YDI - "Get Off My Back" comp trax
PILSBURY HARDCORE - "In a Straight Edge Limbo" 7"
PILSBURY HARDCORE - "Barricaded Suspects" comp trax CDR*
(A bunch of stuff I downloaded from soulseek, all of it great, and all of it outside of my price range.)

v/a - "Cadaverize Yourself 1" CDR (A great R.O.N.F. release collecting some of the best bits from his old label, Cadaverizer Records. All of the greats from the 90s noisecore scene are in here and this is 80 minutes of ear fucking noise terror. Google the track list, see for yourself. This might still be in print, so track it down. It's better than any of that powerviolence or death metal garbage you're listening to.)

C.F.D.L. - "Thrash Punk '91" LP
GUT - "Drowning in Female Excerements" Demo CDR*
(C.F.D.L. were a great band, but they're also the embodiment of what I hate about the vocals in Japanese HC bands. So fucking stupid... This Citizens Arrest stuff was recorded from a radio broadcast and there's a lot of static on it, but it's audible. They made several comments about NYU testing on animals during their set, one intro about the 2 Live Crew trial in Florida. Daryl's vocals sound great on this stuff, but the band is kinda sloppy. Dropdead's LP sounds kinda tame when compared to their 7"s, but on it's own it's furious. I have this on vinyl, but never listen to it. I always grab the discography CD instead. Gut's demo is silly, gory fun. I wonder if any other demos exist?)

v/a - "Chords of Chaos" CD (Exhumed, Ear Bleeding Disorder, Excreted Alive and Necrose. What a weird assortment of bands. Excreted Alive and Necrose make sense, but the other two really don't fit very well. Everyone knows who Exhumed are. I like them okay, but think their vocals are annoying. I'm preferring my grindcore metal-free these days, but there was a time I made it a point to pick up all of Exhumed's releases. Their style didn't change, my tastes did. E.B.D. were awesome, friends of mine from Colorado. Ace from Dismembered Fetus played bass for them and I met the rest of the guys through him. I haven't spoken to Chief for at least 15 years and I'm not in regular contact with Haraldo, but still consider him to be a pal. Kevin I talk to all the time. He's one of my best underground friends and even toured with C3L one year. E.B.D. was one of my favorite bands Ace was in. Excreted Alive, from Spain, play noisy raw grindcore. I haven't heard anything of theirs I haven't liked. Necrose were one of my favorite Brazilian grind/noise bands. This stuff is good, but it doesn't touch their 7"s.)

v/a - "A Christmas Gift for You From Phil Spector" CD (This is the fourth CD in the "Back to Mono" set. As far as Christmas albums go, you could do a lot worse.)

Day #316
v/a - "Cleanse the Bacteria" CD (I don't remember where I bought this, but it ended up being a bootleg when it finally arrived in the mail. Hardly anything to look at, low volume and the indexing is all fucked up. This is a great compilation, just a lousy CD. I'm surprised this hasn't been reissued properly, but it seems that Pushead guy likes to keep his releases kvlt so they fetch inflated prices on eBay.)

v/a - "Copro Grind Gore" CD (Monigo, Mixomatosis and El Muermo on this 3 way CD from Ecuador. Monigo are pretty good thrasy death metal stuff with a drum machine and pig squeal vocals. It's an interesting sound, somehow it works for them. Mixomatosis offers up some live material. The guitars aren't nearly loud enough on these songs. El Muermo are the best of three, they've really tightened things up since their split with Tu Carne.)

v/a - "Crushers Killers Destroyers!" CD (Sludge, stoner and doom compilation released on Shifty. Molehill, Fistula, Sloth and some others I can't remember. This is a pretty good CD, I'm not hugely into this stuff, though. It all sort of runs together for me. I think I bought this for the Sloth tracks and they're terrible.)

CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - "Life in Grave" Demo
DEEP WOUND - "American Style" Demo
GANG GREEN - "Preschool" CD
DEEP WOUND - 7" + 3
C.O.C. - "No Core" compilation trax
YDI - "3/12/83" Demo CDR*
(I spent my entire teenage years and most of my 20s wondering if I'd ever get the chance to hear Cryptic Slaughter's demo. I found it on soulseek years ago, then a year or so after that it was released as bonus tracks on "Convicted". It sounds great, more or less as I thought it would. The rest of this stuff I downloaded, too, I think all from the same user. I didn't even know this C.O.C. stuff existed until that day. "Eye for an Eye" needs reissued with all of the demos and compilation tracks before it. That Pepper cocksucker is probably preventing that from happening somehow. Gang Green's old HC stuff is amazing, some of the fastest stuff ever recorded.)

v/a - "Dead Bigfoot" CDR (This is a mix CD I made for a CD swap some of the members of the Reeelapse board took part in. It was a secret Santa type thing, enter your name and you're paired with someone. I had planned on making a disc filled with 100s of short noisecore songs, but the guy I was paired with was already pretty familiar with a lot of that stuff, so I just went through my iPod, picked a bunch of stuff, then looked through my CDs to try and fill it up with other stuff. As luck would have it, I ended up getting the same guy again on another trade, too. So this CD is a mixed bag with everything from Joe Jackson, Spermbirds, Herb Alpert, Harry Nilsson, Dehumanizers, Twisted Sister, Mamarracho, Stranglers, etc. 80 minutes crammed full of music I like. I ended up using the title "Dead Bigfoot" for a Billy Crystal Meth song shortly after this.)

v/a - "Deaf by Dawn" CDR (Crummy looking compilation with a few decent bands on it. Intumescence, Grindustry and Autophagia are great. Fondlecorpse, Tumour and Rompeprop are okay. The rest of this stuff is pretty crappy. Seriously, though, how good would you expect a band named Rectal Smegma to be?)

v/a - "Decline of the Western Civilization Soundtrack" CD (I listened to this CD and the "Repo Man" soundtrack all the time in high school. I had limited exposure to punk rock before these, but these were probably more instrumental in my diving deeper into punk than I realized at the time. This one has the benefit of being broken up with samples from the movie, it keeps everything moving nicely. I saw the sequel to this movie first, then bought this CD later. I didn't finally get to see the first movie until sometime in my 20s thanks to tape trading. It's hard not to like a CD with Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Germs, Fear and X on it, but even the other bands are at least pretty good. Fear's segment is the best, though. I think everyone is in agreement with that.)

v/a - "Deep Note, Music of 1970s Adult Cinema" CD (Well, it's exactly what the title says it is. That "Bom-chicka-wow-wow" stereotype of 70s porno music doesn't exist on here at all. In fact, I don't think I've heard music like that in an adult film, ever. The music on here is sorta hard to describe. There's some beat jazz, some psychedelic rock, some spacey almost krautrock like stuff, all broken up with dialogue from films of the period. They've released more CDs in this series after I picked up this one. I'd like to buy more of them someday, but these are fetching crazy money today, like $150+.)

Day #317
v/a - "Deep Ska" CD1 (A few years ago I downloaded a bunch of Prince Buster and Skatalites stuff. I can't remember what prompted me to do so, but I did and I liked it. I listened to it for a month or two, then moved on to something else. I enjoyed it enough to think I might enjoy some Bob Marley stuff and bought 5 of his CDs at a pawn shop here in town only to give most of them away a day later. I still can't hang with reggae, but I like some of the first wave ska stuff. Last month my wife and I did some record shopping in Iowa City and I found this 4CD "Deep Ska" set used for $16.00. It was an import, so I figured it was worth at least twice that, so I bought it. The catalog inside the box said "boxed sets for the price of a single CD", so I guess I paid full retail for a used set. It doesn't matter. The booklet inside said the Skatalites were the backing band for most of the singers on this set. The different singers add a different flavor, but four hours of the same beat is going to wear thin pretty quickly, I'm guessing. These transfers sound incredible. I'm sure they were recorded under less than stellar conditions, but these sound great.)

v/a - "Deep Ska" CD2 (Still very much enjoying this stuff. It's the wrong time of year to be listening to ska, but it's still enjoyable when it's cold and shitty outside. No song in particular stands out as being better than any of the others. This is just solid "cool" the whole way through.)

v/a - "Deep Ska" CD3 (The sound quality has improved and the instrumentation has expanded some, but the biggest change is the music has gotten a bit jazzier on some of these tracks and it sounds less like ska.)

v/a - "Deep Ska" CD4 (I really have nothing more to add at this point.)

v/a - "DESTROYER OF CUNTS / CONGENITALIZED / NIKIDOREI" CD (Kim from Bloodbath Records gave me along with a bunch of other stuff this when I met him in Japan years ago. I, of course, was empty handed. I knew nothing of the Japanese gift giving tradition and looked like an asshole to every single person I was introduced to. Anyway, Destroyer of Cunts sounds like one guy tapping an ink pen on the table for drums while he makes grunting vocals noises over it. Often the recording is either sped up or slowed down to create a different sound. Total bedroom bore-core nonsense, which I don't mind, but I have no idea how this was put on CD. Congenitalized is Kim Bloodbath with members of Mortalized. Even with the abysmal sound quality this is great. I don't know what Mr. Bloodbath's role was in this band, but it more or less songs like Mortalized. This is fast and technical grindcore, a complete riff-fest. Nikudorei's contribution is one long minimal piece with feedback and saxophone. After 12 minutes some distorted vocals come in, but it really doesn't change the dynamics that much. This is a weird CD. None of these bands really fit together all that well.)

DICKTATOR - "What You Excrete is What You Are" 7"
GENERAL SURGERY - "Erosive Offals" Demo 1990
GENERAL SURGERY - "Pestiferous Anthropophagia" Demo 1991
PHLEGM - "Consumed by the Dead" Demo
NECRONY - "Severe Malignant Pustule" Demo CDR*
(The Dicktator 7" is my rip, but I downloaded the rest of this stuff. I did end up buying a double 7" with both General Surgery demos on it a few years later, but I've never played it because I have all of the songs on this CDR. That Dicktator 7" is one of my favorite death metal recordings ever, yet nobody ever talks about them when great Scandinavian death metal is brought up. This 7" is their demo put to vinyl by Rottheness Records and it has some of the best vocals ever, totally over the top. General Surgery's second demo sounds heaps better than their first does. Great Carcass worshipping death metal before it became a cliche. Phlegm were a great death metal band from the early 90s. Their 7" is awesome. I checked them out because their guitarist, Fred, played on a few Anal Cunt 7"s. This stuff is heavy, doomy and sometimes noisy. There's some noisecore stuff on the end of this demo, including spoofs of Faith No More and another band I recognize, but can't identify right now. Necrony are pre-Nasum, Swedish death metal. Those silly pitch shifted vocals they adopted later, and which I've come to despise in recent years, are absent from this release. The vocals instead sound like Robert Deathrage of Meat Shits. This stuff rules.)

v/a - "Dischord 1981: The Year in Seven Inches" CD (This collects everything Dischord released in their first year of existence. Everything sounds great. Sometimes these retrospective things are sourced from vinyl, but these all appear to be taken from the masters. Teen Idles, Minor Threat, S.O.A., Government Issue and Youth Brigade all delivering raucous, high energy hardcore punk rock. This Government Issue 7" is awesome, probably my favorite record on this disc.)

Day #318
v/a - "Doomed to Death, Damned in Hell" CD (I picked this up in a trade with the label. All three bands are from Japan and play slow, doomy death metal. I'm late to the game with Coffins, didn't hear them until they already had several releases out, including at least one CD on Razorback. I think it was the Razorback connection that kept me from checking them out, actually. Anyway, Coffins are the best of the three bands on this CD. They play slow, exaggerated Celtic Frost-style riffs tuned down to the point of floppy strings. Their vocals are totally stupid, but in a good way. Anatomia are good, too. They kinda sound like Autopsy, but the songs are nowhere near as good. Grudge have been around since the mid-90s, but I haven't heard anything of theirs outside of their split 7" with Regurgitate and I can't remember what they sounded like on that split. Their songs on here are great, really fucking heavy and the slower parts sound like Corrupted. The recording is great, too, perfect for this kind of stuff. Too bad their vocals are so dumb, though.)

v/a - "Dr. Demento Presents the Greatest Christmas Novelty CD of All Time" CD (I bought this in high school. I don't remember ever listening to Dr. Demento's radio show, but in my teens I had money to burn and this looked like a fun collection of songs. It was, but the problem with novelty recordings is that after you've heard them a few times the novelty wears off and a lot of times you're left with songs that are very interesting, musically. I don't think I've listened to this since at least 1997 or so, so I'm enjoying it again today, but it doesn't fare well on repeat listens. The Cheech & Chong song was new to me when I got this and I had no idea who Wild Man Larry Fischer was until 5 or 6 years ago.)

v/a - "Eerie Bazaar" CD (Eerie Materials was (still is?) a great label from Virginia that released really oddball stuff. I acquired one of their compilation tapes in high school and was introduced to some bands I still listen to today. This CD is a fun mess, like their other compilations. No running theme, just a bunch of silly songs strung together with audio clips edited together to humorous effect. Somehow I've misplaced the cover for this CD, so I just have the disc in a jewel case with nothing to look at. I didn't even have a tracklist until it ripped it to my iPod and the song titles came up. There are some familiar names on here: Breathilizör, Sockeye, Evolution Control Committee, Hemorrhoy Rogers, etc. None of this is really bad, all of it is at least funny or sonically interesting. I wish I had ordered more of Eerie's releases. Listening to this today I get the feeling I've missed out on some really great stuff over the years.)

v/a - "The End of the Fear of God" CD (This CD fucking sucks. Leave it to Fear of God to organize a tribute to one of the greatest grind/noisecore bands ever and not put any grind or noisecore bands on it. After disowning a genre they helped to create, they continue to re-assemble, remix and bastardize their discography. I realize Dave Phillips is submerged in this experimental genre and he's behind this tribute, but if the members of Fear of God hate their music so much, why do they keep revisiting it? Instead of a line up that would make sense, we get a bunch of experimental and noise "artists" deconstructing and reinterpreting Fear of God's music. Even that Mike Patton cocksucker shows up with his stupid vocal noise he thinks is clever. Unholy Grave and Dropdead are the only two appropriate bands on this CD, but even the Dropdead song has nothing to do with Fear of God and is a remix by someone else that wrecks their contribution. This CD is a complete waste of time and money. I wish I could un-hear this thing, it makes me like them less.)

Day #320
v/a - "Everything You Wanted to Know About Garage Rock Instrumentals" CD (A lot of this CD sounds more like psychedelic and krautrock than what I consider to be garage rock, but most of this was great. I listened to this while cleaning house, so I can't give specifics, but some of the songs really jumped out at me as being really fucking good.)

Day #321
v/a - "Feed Your Ego" CD (NAT Records was one of my favorite labels in the 90s, but I don't think Chew has anything to do with the label anymore. There are a couple of noisecore bands on here, but this is mostly noise stuff, tape manipulation and such. I didn't really enjoy any of it this morning, but the 7MON tracks were okay.)

v/a - "Fucking Brutal Noisecore" CDR (This is another CD of stuff I downloaded. 7MON / STRICHNIN - split 7", ANAL FIST - "Flying Sandwich" 7", BARCASS - "Exzem" 7", ANAL MASSAKER / MEAT PAUNCH MAFIA - split 7", ANAL MASSAKER / MAGGOT SHOES - split 7" and the unreleased second ORAL NOISE 7". I got all of this stuff from Toni of Anal Massaker during the brief period of we were un contact with each other before he disappeared again. I eventually found a copy of the M.P.M. split again and just recently found this Barcass 7".)

v/a - "A Fuckin Tribute to Vaginal Discharge" CD (Vaginal Discharge were (are?) an acoustic punk duo from Missouri. With the exception of Cauliflower Ass & Bob and a solo effort from Poopy, I don't recognize any of the bands on this tribute. This CD has the same sort of variety and fidelity as those released on Wheelchair Full of Old Men and Eerie Materials. It's a mixed bag of styles, recording quality and listenability- some great, some not so great but all interesting and fun. It will probably be a long while before I want to listen to this again, but I enjoyed it this morning.)

v/a - "Fudgeworthy Records Compilation" CD (I refused to buy this when it came out. I was upset that it was released, my band was on it and I didn't get a copy of it. I ended up trading for a copy at MDF one year. Years later I got in contact with Charlie Infection again via Myspace and he apologized, said he wasn't sure how to get a hold of me and offered to send me a copy then, but I told him to forget about it. No grudge on my part, I know what it's like to lose contact with a band. Charlie is one of the coolest dudes ever, 1000% underground, and deserves a lifetime achievement award for his contributions to extreme music. Having said this, this CD is pretty crummy. I think his heart was in the right place, and I don't think this was a cash grab, but it seems to have been thrown together quickly just to make some of his back catalog available again. The songs were sourced from vinyl copies, not the masters, and some of them sound really bad. Instead of putting full sides on here, there are just one or two tracks from each band in no particular order. Even if I already owned most of this stuff on vinyl, I would have preferred the entire recordings left intact. The booklet is pretty disappointing, too. None of the original artwork appears, nothing really to look at at all. It's a shame, the list of bands on this CD is impressive: Bulge, GG Allin, Gonkulator, Undinism, Minch, Rupture, Jesus Chrust, Anal Cunt, Meat Shits, Impiety, Rot, Out Cold, Twisted Truth, Slough, Groinchurn, C3L, Final Exit and Black Mass of Absu. I'd love to see a full collection of all of the Fudgeworthy 7"s on a 2 or 3 CD set someday. These records are classics and shaped my listening habits when I first got into this kind of music, they deserve better presentation. You could always count on something great from Charlie, he was plugged into a great scene. This CD is a mess, though.)

v/a - "Funk Spectrum 2" CD (I found this in soulseek, loved it, then tracked down a hard copy of it. It was assembled by a Scottish DJ named Keb Darge and someone named Kenny Dope, sort of a plunder through the vaults type of release. Most of these songs were really rare when they were released and they're impossible to track down now, bands that cut one record and disappeared into obscurity never to be heard from again. Thankfully people like Keb are archiving this stuff. These songs are organic, rough around the edges and "real" sounding, the kind of stuff you'd hear in seedy nightclubs and house parties, not in big venues. The sound on this CD is pretty incredible considering how rare the material is. Someone took great care of their records growing up.)

v/a - "Funk Spectrum III" CD (This one was a joint effort, half by Keb Darge and the other half by Pete Rock. There are some familiar names this time around, B.B. King and Grand Funk Railroad, but most of them are unknown to me. Still really solid stuff on this volume, only a couple of eyebrow raising moments. I need to pick up the first volume now.)

v/a - "The Gamut: Pirate Alley Records (1993-2001)" CDR (Pirate Alley was the other home grown label from Ottumwa during my high school years in the 90s. John Huston, the guy who ran it, was a couple of years younger than me and for some reason I saw him as competition and didn't take any interest in his output until a few years ago when I removed my head from my ass. Pirate Alley existed to release his releases, and there have been some pretty good releases over the years. John was a really good guitar player, even in high school. Most of his output can be classified as grunge and punk, but the song writing has been solid since the beginning. This is a cool collection of songs and there are some funny prank calls on here. The Citrus Boy songs are my favorite. John moved to Chicago a while ago and works as a writer. He was still playing in bands the last time I talked to him, but I'm not sure as to with what kind of regularity. This is a fun CD. I wish I hadn't slept on his stuff for so long.)

v/a - "Grind Crusher" CD (I have the red and blue, 24 track 1991 version that was released here in the states. This was one of the first 5 CDs I owned, and in high school this was my bible. I had already been familiar with some of the bands on this CD before getting it (Sore Throat, Napalm Death and Morbid Angel, who I was never able to get into), but this CD opened me up to loads of other bands and I spent all of my free money and time trying to acquire the other Earache releases in high school. I never did succeed in that, and I bought them on the wrong format, apparently, but I loved this CD. When I listened to it today for the first time in years I wasn't so much into it. The grindcore envelope has been pushed so far since this was released, both in speed and intensity, that a lot of this sounds tame in comparison. The Nocturnus track was so sloppy (and not in a good way) that it's shocking to me their album was even released. I found myself more interested in the bands I want able to buy releases of back then, like Sweet Tooth, Mighty Force and Unseen Terror who I've never liked in the past.)

Day #322
v/a - "Grind Madness at the BBC" CD1 (I bought this at a Borders in Arkansas a couple of years back while visiting my grandmother. I was shocked to see it there and pleased it was so cheap. Earache compiled all of the Peel Sessions recordings in a 3CD set making it easy for us to get them all at once. I had some of this stuff, but was missing at least half. This first disc has three sessions from Napalm Death. The first two are great, easily their best recordings ever, but that third suffers from Mick's stupid backing vocals. The songs themselves are okay, but the stupid "Chuffed on John Peel" shit Mick adds totally kills the mood for me. Extreme Noise Terror are on this disc as well. ENT are always great, this stuff sounds ferocious. I have the first two Napalm Death sessions and the ENT tracks on other CDs, so most of this is redundant for me.)

v/a - "Grind Madness at the BBC" CD2 (I have this first Carcass session on cassette tape. After "Reek of Putrefaction", this is my favorite recording of theirs. I didn't even know they recorded a second session until I bought this. It's fine, but doesn't have near the power the first session has. I'm pretty sure I have all of these Bolt Thrower recordings on another CD, too. That earliest Bolt Thrower stuff rules. Too bad they didn't record more stuff like that.)

v/a - "Grind Madness at the BBC" CD3 (I've never been too into Godflesh. I can appreciate what they do, but it doesn't interest me for the most part. 1 or 2 songs in and I'm done. These songs appear as bonus tracks on the "Streetcleaner" CD I have. More redundancy... The Unseen Terror stuff on here sounds heaps better than their LP does. I've owned and sold that thing twice, could never get into it. It's amazing what a different recording does for these songs. I have the Heresy CD on Speedstate with their earliest records on it and like it okay. Their tracks on here were new to me, too. Nothing about Heresy stands out for me at all. They're mediocre through and through but make for fine background music. Intense Degree are better as their drummer rips and the vocalist has a distinct sounding voice.)

v/a - "Grind Osaka" CD (I had mp3s of this CD and looked for a hard copy of it forever. I finally found one while visiting my friend in Tokyo in 2004. As hard as I looked for it, I don't think I've listened to the CD since I bought it. This is a solid collection of Japanese grindcore, all trax exclusive to this release, I think. Red and Maggut are both standouts, but the rest of this is great, too.)

v/a - "Grinding Gorepression" CD (This CD is great, but I'm guessing it didn't sell well for the label. I took 15 or so copies when it was released several years ago and I still have 5 of them collecting dust. Patisserie play completly over the top grindcore insanity, super fast and loads of shit going on in the songs. Deranged Insane were living in Japan when they recorded this stuff. It's a lot more grind oriented than their early noisecore stuff they recorded while living in their native Brazil. Their recording is nice and rough. Strangely I only know Archagathus from this CD even though I've been writing the guy behind it for years now. I should probably get around to checking out more of their releases some day. The comparisons to Agathocles are unavoidable, I guess, but I'm not sure if that's the style he was going for or not. This reminds me of Mesrine with better vocals.)

v/a - "Grindnoise EPs" CDR (Another collection of my records I ripped and put to CDR. YACØPSÆ - "Krank ist Normal" 7", B.R.B. - "Rendezvous Der Sinne" 7", NECROSE side of their split 7" with HERB MULLIN, SATANIC DEATH / AUDIOSTENCH - split 7", CRIPPLE BASTARDS side of their split 7" with VOILENT HEADACHE, ACROHOLIA side of their split 7" with INTESTINAL DISEASE, CONFUSION - "Hopeless" 7", SARCASTIC - "Corpse in Decomposition" 7".)

v/a - "Halter: Croatian Alternative Rock Scene" CD (Davor from Patareni sent me this with a trade we did ages ago. It's been in my sell-pile for years, but I took it back out when I decided to listen to all of my CDs and give it another chance. It very much reminds me of alternative music of the 90s here in the states. There's some funky songs, some female fronted rock (cringe), some borderline punk and grunge stuff, etc. Patareni are the only band on here that interests me and not only is their track not exclusive to this CD, it's just not very good. Back to the sell-pile you go....)

v/a - "Hardcore" CD (In high school my friends and I used to order from Weasel Records all the time. At one point I'm sure I owned everything they had in print either on cassette, CD or LP. They were my gateway label into the UK HC scene, their releases the first place I heard those extreme HC bands that weren't on Earache. This CD is a reissue of the "Digging in Water" compilation LP released on Manic Ears. The majority of it is good, some of the tracks are great. I chased down the CCM and Ripcord releases these tracks were taken from for years. When I finally found records of both bands I was bummed neither of them sounded like their tracks on this CD. Turns out I just hadn't found the right releases yet. Disorder, Chaos UK, Concrete Sox, Extreme Noise Terror, Dr. and the Crippens, Stupids, Electro Hippies, Generic, Vicious Circle and a bunch of others are on this thing. It's still a decent listen today, but that new cover art for this CD fucking sucks.)

Day #323
v/a - "Hardcore Holocaust (87-88 Sessions) - The Peel Sessions" CD (I found this used in Chicago for $4.00, so I picked it up. Like the "Grind Madness" set, some of this stuff I already owned on other releases. Raw and noisy sessions from Stupids, Electro Hippies, ENT, Bolt Thrower, Intense Degree, Unseen Terror, Napalm Death, Doctor and the Crippens and Doom. This was wholly enjoyable this morning.)

v/a - "Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection" CD1 (You'd have to be a sad, sorry fuck to not be able to find joy in Motown's music. Not so much this first disc, but every one of the songs were pounded into our heads growing up whether you were black, white or whatever. Pop music was so much better in those days compared to the bullshit we've had forced on us since the 80s. I can only imagine how powerful this stuff was when it was released. I bought this on eBay for cheap. The seller lost the booklet and the box the discs were housed in, so it wasn't collectable anymore. I just wanted the music, so I was happy to take it off of his hands. The increase in production quality is apparent even on the first disc. The earliest songs are a little rough sounding (only slightly), but the arrangements and recordings improve a few tracks in. Google the track listing, you're probably familiar with at least half of these songs already.)

v/a - "Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection" CD2 (This second disc is solid awesome all the way through. One great song after another. This disc and the third are the best in this set.)

v/a - "Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection" CD3 (The Temptations fucking rule, end of story. George Clinton used to be a song writer for Motown back in the day. There are some songs on here that sound almost exactly like old Parliaments songs.)

v/a - "Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection" CD4 (Michael Jackson rears his ugly head on this disc. Actually, I kind of like the Jackson 5, but I wanted to give an idea of the time frame we're dealing with on this disc. Things are less soulful, more funky for the most part. Rare Earth show up towards the end of the disc, too. I love those guys.)

v/a - "I Kill What I Eat: Rudi Rat Vol. 5" CD (I wasn't able to track down a copy of this until last year and I spent way too much on it. I bought it in a lot on eBay with two Rupture CDs I already owned thinking I could sell the duplicates and make some of the money back, but so far that hasn't happened. This CD is pretty solid. I bought it for the Rupture trax because I'm a completist, but there's loads of other quality stuff on here like Patareni, Scrawl, Hellnation, Pink Flamingos and Faces of Death. Armicide sound almost exactly like Nailed Down. I need to check out the booklet when I get home and see if Kim is behind that band.)

v/a - "The IGL Rock Story - Part Two (1967-1968)" CD (I'm always keen to hear what my shitty home state had to offer in it's musical past. I found this at a pawn shop here in town along with some rockabilly CDs that looked like they came from the same collection. The cover of this has some biker dudes heading down the highway, a recent picture, but I hoped it would be an indication of quality music within. IGL was a record label based in Iowa during the 60s. This compilation CD was released on a label called "Arf! Arf!" who's logo was a Slap a Ham style cartoon drawing of a barking dog with spittle coming from it's mouth, another indication this would be great. It wasn't, though. I was hoping for Link Wray style garage rock, or at the very least some weird, drugged out psychedelic rock based on the years these songs were recorded, but it all ended up being pretty tame and neutered. A couple of these bands kind of sound like the Byrds, a couple sound like like Jerry Lee Lewis holdouts from the 50s, but mostly it just sounds like those bands you see playing at the High School prom in movies set in the 60s. Slow, schmaltzy, sappy "rock" music. Too bad. I was hoping to find some more great bands from Iowa's past, but so far it looks like GONN are all we have to boast about.)

Day #324
v/a - "Incredibly Strange Music Volumes 1 & 2" CD* (I grabbed both of these from soulseek years ago. I always wanted to hear them when they were released but couldn't find any place to order them from. Strangely, the REsearch books were pretty easy to come by around here. Not so much with their LPs, though. The title sums it up pretty accurately, two volumes of novelty records, some funny, some just weird and most instrumental. The instrumental songs are the most interesting because they're just accidentally strange, not strange or funny on purpose.)

v/a - "Killed By Death Records Vol.1" CDR* (Not to he confused with the "Killed By Death" series. KBD Records is one of my favorite blog sites for downloading music. A couple of years ago I went nuts and downloaded tons of stuff from there, you know, so I could pretend to have been hep to this stuff all along. Truth is, though, years ago I bought "Killed By Death" volumes 3 and 4, hated them, and had no real interest in this kind of stuff until just a couple of years ago. I ended up with 7 CDs filled with full EPs. This one contains the following: AUTHORITIES - "Soundtrack for Trouble", C.I.A. - "God, Guns, Guts", ICE 9 - "Out Out Out", MAIDS - "Back to Bataan", PAGANS - "Street Where Nobody Lives", ROCK BOTTOM & THE SPYZ - "Rich Girl", THE NORMALS - "Almost Ready", THE NOSEBLEEDS - "Ain't Been to No Music School", BOBBY SOXX & THE TEENAGE QUEERS - "Learn to Hate in the 80s" and the SPECIAL FORCES - "World Domination" LP.)

v/a - "Killed By Death Records Vol.2" CDR* (CHRONICS - "Test Tube Baby", 4/4 - "All Wound Up", KNOTS - "Heartbreaker", RAZAR - "Stamp Out Disco", SHOCK - "This Generation's On Vacation", THE INSULTS - "Stiff Love", VICTIMS - "No Thanks to the Human Turd", VICTIMS - "Television Addict", WARDS - "Don't Make the US Shoot the Pershing II", SOME CHICKEN - "New Religion", BOG UGLY - "Disco Veteran", STANDING WAVES - "Integrating Circuits", CODE OF HONOR - "What Are We Gonna Do?" and THE DILS - "198 Seconds of..".)

v/a - "Killed By Death Records Vol.3" CDR* (BLACK RANDY & THE METROSQUAD - "Trouble at the Cup", BLEACH BOYS - "Stocking Clad Nazi Death Squad Bitches", CITY KENT - "Cancer", IDEALS - "High Art", MOTHS - "Magazine Look", RHINO 39 - "Prolixin Stomp", THE CARPETTES - "Small Wonder", THE FIX - "Vengeance", THE USERS - "I'm Sick of You", CYANAMID - "Stop the World" + tracks from "New Jersey's Got It", KEN ARDLEY PLAYBOYS - "That's It" + MENTAL DECAY - s/t.)

v/a - "Killed By Death Records Vol.4" CDR* (THE CARPETTES - "How About Me and You", ENEMY - s/t, FRESH COLOR - s/t, MENTALLY ILL - "Gacy's Place", MOLESTERS - "Plastic", PLASTIC IDOLS - "I.U.D.", REVENGE - "We're Not Gonna Take It", SCHEMATIX - s/t, SLIME - "Controversial", THE ABSENTEES - s/t, THE LIMIT - "Please Please Me", THE NUMBERS - "Sunset Strip" + YOU SUCK - s/t. The YOU SUCK 7" is my rip, probably the closest thing to a genuine KBD record I own.)

v/a - "Killed By Death Records Vol.5" CDR* (ALLEY CATS - "Nothing Means Nothing Anymore", BENEDICT ARNOLD & THE TRAITORS - "Kill the Hostages", BLACK RANDY & THE METROSQUAD - "I Slept in an Arcade", MIRRORS - "Out of Order", PLASTIC IDOLS - "Einstein Experience", PROBLEM - s/t, RAZAR - "Money", SICK THINGS - "Committed to Suicide", THE REACTORS - s/t, WARDS - "The World Ain't Pretty and Neither are We", RUDE KIDS - "Stranglers", LOS REACTORS - "Be a Zombie" + BRUSET - "Radioaktiv".)

Day #325
v/a - "Killed By Death Records Vol.6" CDR* (ACTIVE INGREDIENTS - "Hyper Exaggeration", ANONYMOUS - "Snake Attack", CELIBATE RIFLES - "But Jacques, the Fish?", CHAINSAW - "See-Saw", DEITER MEIER - "Cry for Fame", DETENTION - "Dead Rock 'n' Rollers", FRICTION - "I Can Tell", MAD VIRGINS - "I Am a Computer", SEEMS TWICE - "Non Plussed", SOCIAL UNREST - "Making Room For Youth", TACTICS - s/t, THE CORTINAS - "Fascist Dictator" and THE HOLLYWOOD SQUARES - "Hillside Strangler".)

v/a - "Killed By Death Records Vol.7" CDR* (ACTIVE INGREDIENTS - "Laundramat Loverboy", NEON HEARTS - "Venus Eccentric", ROTTWEILER - s/t, THE BLEACH BOYS - s/t, THE MOLLS - s/t, AVENGERS - "We Are the One", THE BAGS - "Survive", THE DEADBEATS - s/t, EYES - "TAQN", HOWARD WERTH - "Obsolete", RANDOMS - "ABCD", WEIRDOS - "We Got the Neutron Bomb" and X - "Adult Books". Most of this stuff is from the great Dangerhouse label.)

v/a - "Kraut! Demons! Kraut!" CD (One of my friends bought this and I ended up with it eventually. It's a compilation of obscure German psychedelic rock from the late 60s to early 70s. I don't know most of these names, but recognized Checkpoint Charlie and there's an early Can track on here, too. This looks like it might be a bootleg, but there are other volumes in the series I haven't checked out. This stuff is okay, but it's probably obscure because it isn't as good as the better known stuff. Not every lost recording is a forgotten classic.)

Day #328
v/a - The Legendary Sun Records Story" CD1 (My wife and I went to Memphis a few years ago on vacation and visited the Sun Studios while there. I bought these in the gift shop at the end of the tour, probably spent too much money on them, but it was one of those things I knew I wouldn't look up and buy later. Just seeing things in stores will inspire me to buy them sometimes, this was one of those instances. I did the same thing a year later when we toured the Stax/Volt Museum and bought a 9 CD singles collection. While I've always been interested in roots music and the beginnings of rock 'n' roll, I didn't own any of it on CD until I purchased these that day.Most of these songs were new to me when I got this. I was familiar with some of the Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis songs, but most of them I hadn't heard before. I would have liked to have had more of the black artists from the old Sun days on here, but only a few of those tracks are peppered throughout. The scope of this set is mostly rockabilly, and while it's really cool, it's admittedly very white sounding. Someone should compile a set of that old blues stuff recorded at Sun and release it, too.)

v/a - The Legendary Sun Records Story" CD2 (I'm not sure I have anything to add to my above description. There should be more Rufus Thomas on this set, though. Way more.)

v/a - The Legendary Sun Records Story" CD3 (My wife and I listened to this set on the drive back from Memphis and I remember being burned out at this point. Maybe it's because I know I have another 3CDs ahead of me, but I haven't reached saturation point yet.)

v/a - The Legendary Sun Records Story, Volume 2" CD1 (Yeah, I've got nothing to add.)

v/a - The Legendary Sun Records Story, Volume 2" CD2 (Same here.)

v/a - The Legendary Sun Records Story, Volume 2" CD3 (Zip.)

v/a - "Metal Massacre 6" CD (Some tattoo artist poser my friend Daryl used to hang out with in Iowa City had this huge CD collection, this was among it, still sealed in the shrink wrap right next to another opened copy of it. This prick had no idea what he owned, but ran a zine at some point in his life and acquired loads of music he never listened to. Once while I was at his apartment we left to go get McDonalds or some shit and we had to wait for him to change into his "Fuck Me Jesus" shirt first because "I like the way people look at me when I wear this, man." Another time we were at his place he made us sit there in silence until The X-Files were over. A complete and total idiot this guy was, yet somehow Daryl hooked up with him. Consistent with every other loser who got into the genre, he decided only black metal was real and everything else was "faggot shit", but when I offered to buy this duplicate CD from his collection he didn't want to part with it. He should have just given it to me because it was sent to him for free and it was of no use to him anyway, but after some prodding he agreed to sell it to me for $5.00 or so. It wasn't so much that I really wanted it all that badly, I just wanted to pry it from his collection because he was a dipshit. This is a pretty good installment in the series, though, and the only one I own on CD. Possessed, Nasty Savage, Hirax, Hades and Dark Angel are all great on here, the other bands are okay, too. Martyr aren't exactly good, but their song is unintentionally funny.)

v/a - "Minnesota Power Metal" CDR (I got this free at a show in Des Moines sometime last year and haven't listened to it until today. Let's face it, power metal is silly. It's even more silly than grindcore, I think, especially when it's played in 2010 by people in midwest USA. Dragonforce seem to have given the genre a bit of legitimacy in recent years, but I have no interest in this stuff. The people playing it have talent to spare, but are wasting it writing songs about wizards, slaying dragons and shit. One of these bands, Dark Mirror, are based out of Des Moines and were impressive the couple of times I saw them live. I just don't understand how people can play this sort of stuff with a straight face. Sorry guys...)

Day #329
v/a - "A Monastery of Porcupines" CDR (Originally a 90 minute tape compiled by Food Fortunata, he reissued this on CD and omitted some of his own contributions so it would fit. All of the material was exclusive to this release when it came out. Lots of weird stuff, some good, some not so good. I'd probably have enjoyed it more with Food's tracks intact.)

v/a - "Monumentally Retarded: A Burping Turds Retrospective Compilation" CD (Brent, the guy behind Burping Turds, was the singer for Sheep Squeeze. Burping Turds has been around in this scene way before I even knew what tardcore was, so he's legit. I sometimes have a hard time getting into newer bands that try to sound dumb for the sake of being dumb. Retarded music like this has gained a new audience in recent years and more people are doing it, but it seems contrived to me. The stuff on this CD, likewise with those old Eerie Materials and WCFOM comps, sounds genuinely disturbing and stupid, not forced. This thing is a mess, one stupid track after another. There are some standouts, though. Stikky and Feederz both have some live tracks on here that are worthwhile. Generica's track is pretty funny. The tracks from the Wheelchair camp are great, as always. This thing is like a time capsule - a noisy, retarded time capsule. I love that this stuff exists, but I'm more into the idea of it existing than having to actually listen to it. It's just soooo dumb.)

v/a - "Nard-Kicking Hardcore" CDR* (This isn't a real release, it's something my friend Zach from C.H.U.D. compiled for me in 2001 or so after talking at a Breakdance show about a few bands I hadn't heard of before. on this CD is: IMPACT UNIT - "My Friend the Pit" 7", F.U.'s - "Kill for Christ" 7", THE FAITH - "Subject to Change" LP, ILL REPUTE - "Oxnard: Land of No Toilets" 12", ILL REPUTE - "What Happens Next?" LP and UPRIGHT CITIZENS - "Bombs of Peace" LP.)

v/a - "Neat Records Singles Collection Volume 1" CD1 (I didn't find out about these until they were already out of print and difficult to track down. I did find them eventually and didn't spend too much on them (though more than retail), but I'm happy to have them in my collection because I'll never be able to find or afford the original vinyl. I'm new to this NWOBHM stuff, within the last 7-8 years anyway. If it wasn't hard and fast, I didn't give a fuck about it. I've grown to appreciate melody and hooks in my older years, this stuff is loaded with both. The complaint everyone has with this first volume is that Blitzkrieg's tracks are taken from one of their LPs, not from the original 7". It is indeed a bummer, as that 7" is one of the best in the genre I've heard. A slip-up on Castle Records' part, perhaps, but the rest of this set is gold. The A sides if the singles appear in the first disc, B side on the second disc. I would have preferred them to put both songs back to back, but that's a small complaint.)

v/a - "Neat Records Singles Collection Volume 1" CD2 (White Spirit are one of my favorites on this set. I hadn't heard of them before I bought this. I forget sometimes how great Raven were, too. Blitzkrieg, Tigers of Pang Tang, Jaguar and Venom were all exceptional, too.)

v/a - "Neat Records Singles Collection Volume 2" CD1 (Some of these bands fucking suck. Valhalla and Jess Cox are both terrible. Emerson straight-up sounds like Survivor. The recordings are getting better/less interesting and a lot of the bands are getting more pop sounding. Luckily Venom, Raven and a couple of others save this from being a total waste. There's still more good than bad songs on here, but they heyday of NWOBHM was over at this point.)

Day #330
v/a - "Neat Records Singles Collection Volume 2" CD2 (This is about as enjoyable as the first disc in this set. "The Ballad of Marshall Stack" was pretty funny, if only for the song title. There are some truly bad songs on here, same perpetrators from the first disc, but just as many good songs.)

v/a - "Neat Records Singles Collection Volume 3" CD1 (This volume is a little better than the second, I think. A lot of these bands have moved away from that early NWOBHM sound and have developed their own traditional metal style. There's still a good deal of shit on here, but this volume seems more even than the last. Venom have sounded out of place on each disc in the series, though. They really were in a league of their own.)

v/a - "Neat Records Singles Collection Volume 3" CD2 (I'm out of things to say about this stuff.)

v/a - "Neat Records Singles Collection Volume 3" CD3 (Yep...)

v/a - "New York Noise: Dance Music From the New York Underground 1978-1982" CD (This is a cool CD. After hearing James Chance & the Contortions I bought a few compilation CDs of NY no wave stuff to get more familiar with that scene. I've found that I'm more interested in the funky/dance side of that scene than the noisy art damage stuff. There are some great bands on here: Contortions, ESG, Konk, Liquid Liquid, Glenn Branca, and loads more. I'm really digging this today. It's a nice change after all that NWOBHM stuff.)

v/a - "New York Thrash" CD (There's a lot of great stuff on here, too. My friend Spencer had this on tape years ago and I loved it, so I bought the CD when it was released. Adrenalin O.D., Bad Brains, Beastie Boys, The Mad and Nihilistics are all excellent on here. "I Hate Music" is an anthem if there ever was one. This CD is great, I pull it out often.)

v/a - "No New York" CD* (My friend Greg sent this to me shortly after he moved to Brooklyn. He came back to visit and during a game of pool we talked about no-wave, something I had never heard of before then. He knew I loved funk and figured at least the Contortions would appeal to me, so he was kind enough to secure me a copy. Contortions are great, easily my favorite band of the four. This is my favorite material of theirs, too, totally abrasive and angry sounding, but funky and danceable, too. Teenage Jesus and the Jerks are up next and was one of Lydia Lunch's old bands. TJ&TJ are boring, their songs go nowhere and Lydia's vocals are like nails on a blackboard. I realize, of course, the whole principle of no-wave is not letting a lack of ability keep you from doing something, but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy the results. This shit sucks, plain and simple. I'm sure there were other bands from that scene that would have loved the opportunity to have been on this LP. I'm not sure what Eno saw in these guys. Mars are sonically interesting, probably the least musical of the four bands and easily the noisiest. I can't imagine hearing this in 1978, probably only Yoko Ono's output was this strange back then. DNA are still really noisy, but with some semblance of structure. It's obvious from listening to their tracks that Sonic Youth studied these guys very carefully. This is a great CD, but I don't think it's the definitive document of the NY underground scene. Such a thing may not even exist, but there's loads of great stuff not included on this.)

v/a - "N.Y Noise" CD* (This French CD does a better job of giving an overlook of the entire NY underground scene from that period. Lots of different styles are represented on this collection, none of which are palatable to most people. Apparently the guy who released this isn't giving any of the money to the artists and this is completely unauthorized, so just download it like I did.)

Day #331
v/a - "Old School Grindcore: 1991-1994" CDR* (Another CD I made of 7"s from my collection I ripped. Nothing terribly rare, or terribly early for that matter, just a bunch of stuff I wanted to listen in my car. BLOOD DUSTER - "Menstrual Soup", RETALIATION - "Boredom and Frustration", PHLEGM - "Masterpiece of Mutilation", EYE GOUGER - "Ass Rotor", ROTTING FLESH - "Infanticious Monstrosities", EXTREME SMOKE - s/t and SEXORCIST / EXTREME SMOKE 57 - split 7".)

v/a - "Order of the Kite Volume 1" CD (I don't remember buying this or how I acquired it, but I have both volumes. I'm guessing one of my friend's had it and I bought it from them for cheap. I'm not the biggest fan of Japanese hardcore. Most of the time the vocals are just too stupid and it ruins it for me. This CD is a bootleg collection of a bunch of rare EPs and shit. It was bootlegged by the same people that did those other CDs in the 90s: Gauze, Confuse, G.I.S.M., Systematic Death, Lip Cream, etc. I don't have the CD sitting in front of me right now, so I can't say who's on it, but this is okay. It's probably not something I would buy again, but it's okay. I haven't listened to this in at least 10 years.)

v/a - "Order of the Kite Volume 2" CD (Same story as the above CD. Go read it again, pretend it's about this volume.)

v/a - "P.E.A.C.E. / W.A.R." CD1* (This is an infamous compilation released by M.D.C.'s label R Radical Records with a veritable who's who of HC and punk bands at the time of it's release. It's been out of print for decades, so I downloaded it and made my own CD. I found out recently it's been reissued by New Red Archives. Whoops... This probably would have had more impact on me if I had heard it as a teenager when I was first getting introduced to punk rock, but it's a stellar collection of songs even today.)

v/a - "P.E.A.C.E. / W.A.R." CD2* (So many great bands on this thing, it's amazing. I'm reminded again, though, of just how mediocre Septic Death were.)

v/a - "Psych Funk 101" CD (I bought this in Chicago last year when my wife and I went to go see Motörhead. We didn't have much time for shopping and the one record store we went to, Reckless, was packed with CDs and records from floor to ceiling. I went straight to the used section knowing there was no way Sandi was going to stand there while I combed through the whole store. I'm a sucker for these regional compilations of obscure recordings that have all but been forgotten. I also love both psychedelic rock and funk, so buying this was a no-brainer. Unfortunately, it wasn't anywhere near as good as I hoped it would be. It's really not very funky at all, more of a mixture of 1970 Pink Floyd style psychedelic rock and traditional middle eastern music. Of the 14 songs on this collection, maybe 3 of them I would consider to be funky. It's an interesting CD, but way too long and a bit of a let down.)

Day #332
v/a - "Psychedelic Trip Through Bulgaria" CD (This was originally an LP limited to 100 copies released by AON in Bulgaria. I had done some trading with AON and wanted to hear this, but because of the low pressing it was more money than I wanted to pay for it. He made me a copy on CD and sent it to me along with inject printed inserts. I might have the only CD copy of this in existence. The records these were sourced from are kind of beat up, but understandably so. These songs were probably next to impossible to find, even inside of Bulgaria. There's so cool fuzz guitar on some of the songs and some other trippy instrumentation, but this sounds like popular music infused with psychedelic elements for the most part. A lot of it reminds me of the Electric Prunes once they mellowed out and started writing religious music. The importance of documenting your region's musical history can't be stressed enough, though. I applaud efforts like this, even if I'm not so into the music on here.)

v/a - "Psycho-Delic Mindfuck" CDR* (My friend Scab compiled this and sent it to me in the late 90s when were were trading krautrock CDRs back and forth through the mail. A lot of this stuff has since fallen under my radar, but when he sent it to me I didn't know who most of these bands were, even by name. He did a nice job of selecting songs, this flows very nicely.)

v/a - "Radiocaset: Spain's Early Noise Grind History (1990-1995)" CDR* (R.O.N.F. had this up as a free download on his site, complete with cover art. There's no much by way of information on the cover, but there are 99 tracks of some of the rawest,greatest noisecore ever on this thing. I had no idea Spain had such a rich history of noisecore before this thing. I thought I was fairly schooled on the subject, but I don't know who at least half of these bands are.)

Day #333
v/a - "Rare Funk Uncovered" CD (Just what the title says it is. It's not quite as good as those "Funk Spectrum" CDs Keb Darge is behind, but this is pretty solid. The songs on here sound even more underground than what's on those CDs, but more soulful and less full-on funky. This is a good CD, though not what I was expecting.)

Day #334
v/a - "Rat Music for Rat People Vol. 1+2" CDR* (When I was in high school I found volume 2 of this in LP at Archive Records in Des Moines. The LP was great, but the best thing about it was the CD Presents catalog inside of it. Oh, to be able to order those records now, and at those prices.... I still have that LP. I trades it to a friend here in town, but I ended up with it again in 2003 or so. I didn't hear volume 1 until I downloaded it online. Most of it is live, but there's great songs from D.O.A., Flipper, Circle Jerks, Bad Brains, Dead Kennedys, Crucifix, Black Flag, TSOL, Avengers and The Dils. The second volume doesn't have as many huge names in punk, but it was responsible for introducing me to Fang. Butthole Surfers, Big Boys, Personality Crisis, Minutemen, JFA, Tales of Terror, Fang, M.D.C, Dicks, D.R.I. and The White Lie. The D.R.I. tracks are exclusive to this and are great. TSOL fucking sucks.)

v/a - "Reanimated by Life" CDR (Erich from "Good Bad Music" blog put this together for his own entertainment, sort of a best of the KBD punk stuff, then shared it with his readers. 70 minutes of stupid, juvenile punk stompers all transfered from his collection. There isn't a bad song in the bunch.)

v/a - "Really Fast Vol. 1,2,3" CD1 (Burrito Records reissued the first three volumes of this series on a 2CD set in one of those thick double CD cases. The reissue has new liner notes and a thick booklet with all of the original artwork in it. It really is a nice release, and it was sanctioned from the label, so the audio sounds great. I bought this because it was cheap (I don't remember how cheap now), but I never really listened to it much. It sounds pretty great tonight, though. Lots of big names in the Swedish HC scene on these first three volumes, some of this stuff is just ripping fast. I've came close to selling this a few times because I never listen to it, but I'm glad I held on to it.)

v/a - "Really Fast Vol. 1,2,3" CD2 (See above, too lazy to type anymore.)

Day #335
v/a - "Recommendations for Beer-Related Holiday" CDR (My friend Mike made this for me one year after he moved from my home town to Chicago. He sent this to me as a Christmas gift. When I questioned him about the song selection process, he said he used files he had on his computer and did a search for keywords relating to winter: cold, snow, etc. Whatever came up in the search results made it to the mix. As a result, none of this sounds like Christmas music. Likewise, the cover is handmade and pieced together from newspaper clippings, the title is a line of text from a newspaper, too. The music? Aside from a Roscoe Holcomb song, none of this stuff is familiar to me, most of it is unappealing to me. There are a few songs I liked okay, but overall I'm not into this CD. Sorry, Mike.)

v/a - "Regressive Hostility" CD (This is a great CD filled with brutal grindcore bands from all over the place. Autoritar, Irritate, Nasum (when they were still great), Denak, Slight Slappers and Cardioid. Each band has about a 7" worth of material on here, all exclusive to this release. Solid release.)

v/a - "Relapse Singles Series Vol. 1" CD (The first four Relapse 7"s collected on one CD. I used to own this Velcro Overdose 7", but sold it a few months ago because I never listened to it. It's somewhere between metal and punk, but nowhere close to being crossover. Face of Decline are straight-up pop punk, a weird fit for Relapse, but the label hadn't decided what the scope of their releases would be at that point. Apparition are pretty good, kind of thrashy death metal stuff. Incantation are great. I'm not sure why I never bothered checking out any of their full-lengths, but I only have their material on these compilations.)

v/a - "Relapse Singles Series Vol. 2" CD (This is the only Deceased material I've heard. They're another one of those bands I never got around to checking out. General Surgery are great, but I've heard this stuff a thousand times. They've probably captured that Carcass sound better than any other band, and they did it earlier than most. I was never really able to get into Destroy. A lot of people consider this to be their best release. I couldn't get into it, so I never really tried with anything else. Disrupt are okay, but the vocals are a bit much for me to take. I'd rather just listen to E.N.T., I think. I had a bunch of their releases at one point, but I've since sold all of them.)

v/a - "Relapse Singles Series Vol. 3" CD (Rottrevore are awesome, one of the best American death metal bands. Totally sludgy and dark sounding, just great. I have this one on vinyl, too. This isn't the best Repulsion stuff, but it's worth hearing, for sure. I have this 7", too. These Monstrosity tracks sound like they were recorded live. The recording is awesome, everything sounds super heavy, especially the bass. Incantation finish things off on this volume. Their two songs are even better than on the first disc.)

v/a - "Repo Man OST" CD (One of my favorite movies ever, and with a soundtrack album crammed with great songs. This was one of my favorite CDs in high school. I must have listened to it a couple hundred times. Iggy Pop, Circle Jerks, Fear, Black Flag, Suicidal Tendencies are all on here, but the real treat are The Plugz, especially the "Reel 10" closer. It's a fantastic piece of instrumental music that always gives me goosebumps. Imagine a punk band playing Ennio Morricone. Fucking awesome.)

v/a - "King Records Anthology of Risqué Blues" CD1 (The spine of this CD simply says "Risqué Blues", so I have it filed as such. I bought this one one of my trips to Memphis years ago. It's the kind of thing I knew I wouldn't find in a store again, so I grabbed it. These songs are almost dirty. All of the smut is implied and a lot of double entendres are used in the lyrics, but lyric content aside, this is a great collection of blues songs, all played well with strong vocals.)

v/a - "King Records Anthology of Risqué Blues" CD2 (See above...)

v/a - "Rotten Fake!" CD (This is a cool, short, 3 way CD of each band doing all cover songs. Kudos to Agathocles for doing a Scroungers, one of their better songs, even. The vocals are almost inaudible on the AGx recording. Sometimes they make strange choices for the material they turn in for releases. Scrawl are great on here. All of their songs kind of already sound like cover versions anyway, so it just sounds like Scrawl doing their thing. Nice clean recording, great stuff. For the most part, 7MON don't interest me. I respect their history, what they've done for noisecore, but more often than not their recordings bore the shit out of me. This one is no exception.)

v/a - "Schnauf Records All-Stars!!!" CDR (This isn't a real release, just something I threw together from records I ripped. If you've been reading these post up to this point, you know I'm a sucker for the 1990s German noisecore scene. Schnauf was a label I had always assumed was ran by either Toni from Anal Massaker or one of the guys from W.B.I.. When I interviewed Toni for an issue of Smash Music zine he said nobody ran Schnauf. It was just a logo German bands put on their releases. The bands paid for the pressing of their own records, so "Schnauf" was an umbrella some of those bands operated under. There's a good chance I completely misunderstood his answer, though. A lot of his answers were in such poor English I had a difficult time making sense of them. Because Schnauf wasn't a real business owned by one or even a group of people, getting a definitive list of their releases has proven to be impossible. There's virtually no information about Schnauf on the Internet, but I own a lot of records with the Schnauf name attached to them, so I ripped them and compiled this CDR. It contains the following records: W.B.I. - "Stichpimpulibockforzelorum" 7", Anal Massaker - "Ka-Ka" 7", Anal Massaker / Barcass - split 7", Oral Noise - "222 Song Singel" 7", Anal Massaker / Meat Shits - split 7" and the Sterbehilfe / Barcass - split 7".)

Day #336
v/a - "Schnauf Records All-Stars!!! Vol. 2" CDR (And because I had more Schnauf releases than would fit on the first disc, I made this one. I cheated, though, because I didn't have enough to fill this whole CD, so I put records of some of the Schnauf bands that were released on other labels, too: W.B.I. - "Arschebombe Des Monats!" 12", W.B.I. / Meat Shits - split 7", Anal Massaker / Deche-Charge - split 7", Anal Massaker / Musical Arse Decomposition - split 7" and Nikudorei / Anal Massaker / split 7".)

v/a - "Seraphic Decay Compact Disc Sampler" CD (Seraphic Decay were a great early death metal label from America. Somehow rumors were spread about them being a rip-off label and they just sort of faded away after that. I read some lengthy comment on a blog in support of the label, defending them against the rip-off allegations, and they even offered an explanation involving a rival label (guess who?!) who started the rumor to keep bands from signing with Seraphic Decay. You can read the whole thing here: It's too bad they disappeared, their releases were always great. This CD collects 7"s from Minch, Abhorrence, Disgrace, Goreaphobia, Toxaemia and Acrostichon. There's even an exclusive Minch song on here that wasn't on their 7".)

v/a - "Six Doors: A Housepig Compilation" CD (Bill/Housepig is one of the nicest dudes ever. He was really generous with his time when I was putting together "Small Doses", answered tons of questions, offered his assistance with setting up the booklet and didn't ask for anything in return. He was a swell houseguest, too, contrary to what his label name would have you believe. I got a few of these in trade when he stayed with me a few years back to record Big Fist Johnny. 6 noise artists each with 10+ minutes of noise: Unicorn's track is great, really repetitive and mellow, a single theme repeated just the right number of times. While I'll admit I'm somewhat of a noise newbie, Aube are one of my favorite acts. This track is both abrasive and ambient, sounds like someone sharpening knives. I've liked everything I've heard of his, this is no exception. Try as I might, Bastard Noise has never appealed to me. As usual, the screaming vocals ruin what would have been a chilling dark ambient piece. Thankfully, the vocals don't last long and this ends up being pretty good, but still... Lusasa Raelon has probably the best track on this CD. It's dark and moody, but too active to be considered ambient. It's just fucking good, even if I don't know how to describe it. Guilty Connector + Tabata are similar to Luasa, but not quite as good. Oblong Box are the most mellow of the bunch, but still very unsettling. This CD is great.)

v/a - "Six Weeks Omnibus Vol.1" CD (This CD collects the "Six Weeks Omnibus" 8" and the "Violence" 8" flexi, both released in the 90s and consist of Japanese HC bands. I picked this up in s trade with the label, but I already owned both records.)

v/a - "Smoldering Humanity" CDR (This one is kind of a mixed bag. Sometimes it works okay mixing different genres for compilations, sometimes it doesn't. I like far fewer bands on this CD than I dislike. Mixing grindcore, cyber-gore, noisecore and electronics is tricky. Some of these elements are alright on their own, but depending on the sequencing, they sound really weird back to back. I've never understood the appeal of cyber-gore. It's fucking stupid and people probably did it because it was easy to create, but it's fucking stupid. Malignant Tumour are great, as always. The Intumescence tracks would be pretty good if they were recorded a little better, Scenario: Slaughter were okay and Nigh were the best part of this CD.)

v/a - "Soul Underground Vol.1" CD (This is pretty good, too. Nothing mind-blowing, but it's a nice collection of soul songs with great production. While I hate female vocals in rock, I like them just fine in soul music.)

v/a - "Soul Underground Vol.2" CD (Same deal as the above CD. Consistent quality, well written and well performed, just not quite as good as the first volume.)

Day #337
v/a - "Strange Reaction Vol. 1" CDR* (Like the "Killed by Death Records" CDs above, these are CDs made of full 7"s I downloaded from one website. Strange Reaction was a great site, I took a lot of great stuff from there. This volume has the following: AMATEUR GYNECOLOGISTS - "Because the Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste", BLOOD SLUT - "Broken Talent", BLIGHT - s/t, BUM-KOM - "Drunken Sex Sucks", DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS - s/t, F - "You Are an EP", FEEDERZ - "Jesus" + GRAVEN IMAGE - "Kicked Out of the Scene". Lots of dumb, fun punk songs. I have the F record on vinyl and BLIGHT on CD, too.)

v/a - "Strange Reaction Vol. 2". CDR* (MYSTERY DATES - "Abrasive Cunts", NO FRAUD - "The EP", NUNFUCKERS - "Dead and On the Floor", RED CROSS - s/t, ROSEMARY'S BABIES - "Blood Lust", STRETCHMARKS - "Who's in Charge?", ANTIDOTE - "Thou Shalt Not Kill" + GAY COWBOYS IN BONDAGE - "Owen Marshmallow Strikes Again".)

v/a - "Strange Reaction Vol. 3" CDR* (DIE KREUZEN - "Cows and Beer", FUCK UPS - "FU82", HEADCLEANERS - "The Infection Grows", HELEN KELLER - s/t, MIGHTY SPHINCTER - s/t, THE NUBS -s/t, PEACE CORPSE - "Quincy's Lament" + WHITE TRASH - "Wake Up".)

v/a - "The Complete Stax/Volt Singles 1959-1968" CD1 (I should probably have this filed with the "C" section of my compilations, but filing it under "Stax" made more sense to me than "Complete". The purpose of this project was to listen to all of my CDs, not to nitpick about alphabetical order. Deal with it. I picked this up while visiting the Stax/Volt museum in Memphis on my wife and I's second trip there. Like the Sun Records sets above, it was the kind of thing you purchase in the moment. There's a reason the gift shop is located at the end of a tour, the curators aren't stupid. My friend Zach sang the praises of Stax/Volt to me in the the early 2000s, said he'd burn me a copy of this set, but we lost contact with each other before that happened. I knew some of the artists, but had never heard of the label at that point. Once he moved, I forgot all about Stax/Volt until vacationing in Memphis. Stax's success was built on the strength of a core of musicians, one of the best backing bands ever, Booker T and the MGs. If you've seen the movie The Blues Brothers, you know the band. Their arrangements were simple, but well played and tight, providing the perfect backing for some of the greatest soul singers to come from the south. This set is of the label's golden age with Rufus Thomas, Carla Thomas, Sam & Dave, and of course, Otis Redding among countless others. It's some of the best music ever recorded, and there's so damn much of it on this set. 9 CDs, each 70+ minutes long. Simply amazing, and I learned just s few days ago there are two more sets, another 19 CDs (!!!) spanning 1968-1975. Fuck. I really need to pick those up, too.)

Day #338
v/a - "The Complete Stax/Volt Singles 1959-1968" CD2 (This set gets better as it goes on and I'm getting to some great stuff now. The recordings are getting better, too. This is going to be a great day for music, I probably won't be doing much writing about these CDs. After learning about the other two sets yesterday, I bought the second set (1968-1971) on eBay. I'm excited to get that and plow through it, too.)

v/a - "The Complete Stax/Volt Singles 1959-1968" CD3

v/a - "The Complete Stax/Volt Singles 1959-1968" CD4

v/a - "The Complete Stax/Volt Singles 1959-1968" CD5

v/a - "The Complete Stax/Volt Singles 1959-1968" CD6

v/a - "The Complete Stax/Volt Singles 1959-1968" CD7

Day #339
v/a - "The Complete Stax/Volt Singles 1959-1968" CD8

v/a - "The Complete Stax/Volt Singles 1959-1968" CD9 (All nine discs of this set were great. There were so many great songs I already knew, but 4 times as many I didn't know. This kind of consistent quality is inspiring. I can't wait until the second set shows up and things start getting funky.)

v/a - "Super Bad, Super Black: Can Y'all Dig That?" CD* (This is a collection of audio taken from 70s blaxploitation movies, nothing more, nothing less. You name it, it's on here. A video collection of the trailers would be more fun, but this is portable, I guess. It's still pretty entertaining, not a total waste of time.)

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